The Morakniv brand is based on a 400-year long tradition of knife making and the term “Morakniv” has been part of the Swedish handicraft tradition since the 1800s. From the very beginning, Morakniv has been synonymous with high quality and a fierce pride of workmanship. Their traditional red handle knives have been sold in their millions all over the world.

Now, faced with increased competition from lower quality manufacturers, Morakniv needed to breath new life into its brand to defend their price point and re-establish the brand as relevant to the here and now.

Initially, Morakniv wanted something classic and traditional. And they really didn’t want a knife in the logotype. But we simply couldn’t ignore the insight that almost everyone in Scandinavia has used a Morakniv at one point or other. It would simply be a waste to not utilise the iconic look of the product in the design language.

The new logotype blends the traditional red colour of the knife handle with the grey colour of the knife steel. In the process it combines the past and the present and reinforces the brand’s strong links to Dalarna and Sweden’s high-quality craft tradition. It’s the ideal alloy of new and old.