At Neumeister we have a soft spot for basketball. So when we were asked to create a new brand identity for our local team Malbas, we jumped at the chance. Malbas, short for Malmö Basket, had played in the highest Swedish league, but had always been considered as outsiders. Not a bad starting point for a design agency.

We set out to create a brand identity that would boost the newcomers’ confidence and inspire respect among the opposition. Something that would celebrate the less corporate side of the sport. A little bit cooler, less expected, more street.

Gritty, distressed lettering and the colour black felt like obvious choices for a team from a working class town like Malmö. But the core of Malbas’ design identity is based around the fact that there are five players on the court at a time. Each player is represented by an M, arranged in a star shape to symbolise the club’s ethos: “teamwork makes the dream work”. Surrounded by an orange circle, the star turns into something fans of the sport instantly recognise: a basketball hoop viewed from above.