Say the words “bicycle” and “helmet” and 99,9% of all people think of a colourful Styrofoam lid with vents. But Hövding is a bicycle helmet like no other. In fact, it’s not a helmet at all. It’s a high tech wearable airbag set to make Styrofoam helmets go the way of the dinosaurs.

But how do you create trust in a product that’s not only offered at a higher price point than usual, but also challenges everything people thought they knew about bicycle safety? Part of the answer is branding. Neumeister developed a brand strategy and a confidence-inspiring brand identity to sell the features and benefits made possible by Hövding’s revolutionary technology.

The “g” in the logo plays on the collar-like appearance of the product itself. And to make sure it stands out in overcrowded bicycle shops, we matched it with a bold, safety-inspired identity colour and created a “self-selling” packaging system that doubles the size of the logo when two boxes are displayed next to each other. We used the same principle for thought-evoking posters that can be read on their own, or together when placed in pairs. It’s an elegant and unexpected solution to a familiar problem. Just like Hövding.

“8X better protection against concussion than traditional helmets.”

If you havent got one already, go get one.