Gotlands Bryggeri

The founders of Gotlands Bryggeri didn’t have to look far for design inspiration for their first bottle label. In fact, not more than about 25 meters. As it happens, one of the microbrewery’s closest neighbours is Drotten, Gotland’s most famous gothic archway ruin.

The archway-shaped label quickly became synonymous with the brewery’s award-winning beers. However, after two decades, the branding had lost its way. It had become too ostentatious, too showy. Neumeister was asked to create an entirely new brand identity that would better represent the inherent craft and quality of the brewery – without losing sight of their heritage.

Our solution was to pair back the design language in order to rediscover its inner beauty. To add simplicity, as we like to say. We chiseled away, ending up with a much simpler design that allows the brand to reassume ownership of the iconic archway shape.

The more prominent shape of the label also allows the brewery to add fun and unexpected design elements. Collaborating with the talented Siri Carlén who illustrated some wonderful Gotland scenes. Gotlands Bryggeri’s newfound design purity is now a much better reflection of the high standards and hard work of its talented brew team.