Brutal Brewing

We love rebel brands. They’re the ones that challenge the rules and shift the paradigms. Brutal Brewing is a perfect example. A brand that talks the talk and walks the walk.

The rules are simple: there are no rules, traditional beer bottle design with flags and crests is out. Edgy, fun and unexpected is in. In addition, some of Brutal Brewery’s launches are one-offs, simply meant to test the waters.

For us, as a design agency, that means we get to explore design directions that otherwise might have been viewed as too niche or too high-concept. But our designs for Brutal Brewing, while being decidedly rock and roll, are no mere design-exercises or showpieces. They have helped Brutal Brewing stand out from the crowd and gained the brand a level of recognition that it would not have had if it played by the traditional rules.

So far, we’ve had the pleasure of designing over 40 products for Brutal Brewing, with hopefully many more to come.