Two days in Monte Carlo

Sture Lindwall ignored the advice from his father to choose a “safe” profession, and followed his dream of becoming a photographer. In 1967 he found himself at the Monaco Grand Prix, camera in hand, assigned to cover the race by the Swedish Royal Automobile Club.

Sture had never shot a race before, and would never do it again. But his images are just to good to be kept out of the public eye. That was the starting point for what would become a labour of love for us and renowned automotive writer Bengt A:son Holm.

We set out to create something that would transcend the traditional automotive book aimed at car enthusiasts. Instead, we wanted to widen the appeal by capturing the glamour and excitement and put an artistic perspective on what is arguably one of the world’s greatest spectacles.

The result is a book whose design mirrors the tonality of what’s been called the golden age of formula 1, before corporate sponsorship became synonymous with the sport and the cars were beautifully clean and devoid of unsightly decals. With black and white images throughout, and a varied and appealing layout, it’s an enticing mix of graphic design and motorsport. It’s racing as art.

An edition of five hundred copies have been specially bound, numbered and signed.

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