It won’t ruffle your feathers

We welcome this mad little yellow bird to all the IPA loving people.

Good things coming your way

Put a silver lining on everyday life with Arla’s new, ready-to-eat desserts!

Deep diving for lager

Get your scuba gear on and hopp into The Deep Drop Lager.

What a view!

In today’s Svenska Dagbladet we find the non-alcoholic beverage VY with apple and hops as no. 1 for Easter celebrations.

Catch the bunny before it’s gone

Gotlands Bryggeri’s seasonal Easter drop is now available for a limited time, enjoy!

The right tool for a new bar

Our friends at Elite Palace Hotel are opening up for some new drink craftmanship at Sankt Eriksgatan 115. The spoon takes the centerstage as the hero of the bar – and their new identity.

Learning for Life

For Læringsverkstedet, an international educational business, we developed the name Dibber. A dibber is a tool for making holes in the ground so that seeds can be planted. The D is in the shape of a leaf that grows into a playful and modular design system.

Maximize summer

As the sun stays out for longer each day we announce the new logo and identity for Pergola. A solution to enjoy more time outside by defining an outdoor room.