Explore the jungle

Cloetta’s jungle candy box comes to satisfy kids sweet tooth and urge to play. It will provide a scene and animals for them to have their very own puppet show.

Neu merits

We are delighted to have received a merit award at The One Show in New York for Gotlands Bryggeri.

Pink Head HQ is opening up in Malmö!

Wade Brown is expanding his Pink Head-empire. We created the identity and stuffed it with cultural references to represent the Asian cuisine.

Two fabulous awards!

We are happy to announce that we won not one, but two, awards in the FAB Awards 2019. Gold for the rebrand and packaging of Gotlands Bryggeri and silver for the Mariestads Limited Edition series.

The mango doesn’t fall far from the sea

Hansa’s limited edition IPA became a smashing success as the shelves were emptied in just 3 weeks.

Beer lovers and carb haters unite for Ultra Lite

The new mega super duper pilsner from Hansa is so low in carbs you’ll have to catch it before it floats away.

There is always time for a Swedish fika

Polly’s release of a special edition classic fika-tasting treat, features a design that shows Sweden in a sweet retro feel. Made together with illustrator Mikael Eriksson.

Gotlands Bryggeri wins first place in the Dieline Awards

We are happy to announce that our packaging for Gotlands Bryggeri got awarded first place in the Beer category at the Dieline Awards 2019.