Perfect for the brighter days to come

Briska’s Demi-Sec is made with a true passion for cider, from refreshing apple wine, with a taste of Riesling and peaches. To enhance these aromas, we got help from Charlotte Day. Having a career of both gardening and art, she was a perfect fit for the job.

A brand new look for over 100 years of consulting

As the name changed from LRF Konsult to Ludvig & Co we designed the new identity that highlights the different services that the company offers.

Sweden’s first Cola is back!

Cuba Cola gives you a sweet energy boost, since 1953! Now in a new suit inspired by the classic design.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Twenty-twenty we got love in plenty!

This ship got a new vessel

Yes, you can order you favorite IPA in both a bottle and a can.

Apocalypse Neigh!

This Pale Horse Pilsner brings the classic german beer style back to life again!

Greetings from Greece

Kala & Mata offer authentic Greek products of the highest quality, new to the Swedish market. To showcase the carefully handpicked olives we surrounded it with gold inside the logo.