Floral & Peel

Floral & Peels carefully crafted beers and ales enhanced with a mix of Swedish and English botanical flavours. Wrapped in a turn of the century inspired floral print.

Let’s see it rollin’

The first tram has arrived and starts rolling our design for Skånetrafiken on the streets of Lund.

Have a nice vacay!

We are dropping off on summer holidays (or semester as we say in Sweden). See you again on the other side!

Polishing an old diamond

We had the honor to redesign the identity and range for Grevens, Norway’s leading cider brand. With a custom designed logo and 45° spin on those squares, we make both you and Grevens sparkle!

Go catch those Gotland vibes

Perhaps you can’t travel to Gotland this summer. Lucky for you, the small brewery on S:t Hansgatan launches their new website.

See you in the darkest hour

When the sun sets and the night sky is bright, a Brutal night owl appears. It’s a white IPA available on tap!

A tribute to summer on Gotland

This beer both looks and tastes like a summer evening on Gotland. Preferably enjoyed with friends while watching the sunset.

When two become one

On a summer day in 1922, 13.000 thirsty cyclists stopped for a beer at Franz Kugler’s pub in Germany. As he started to run out of beer a stroke of genius hit him, and he mixed the beer he had left with lemonade. The Radler was born! In this modern twist from Hansa it’s flavored with grapefruit. Enjoy!