The critics agree

In test after test by members of the Swedish media, Goder Aftonglögg has made quite a splash. The mulled wine produced by Wineworld is being mentioned as a great-tasting, best-buy in print and online across the country. The name and label design created by Neumeister is receiving outstanding reviews as well.

Christmas by the cupful

Just in time to wake up the holidays, Johan & Nyström has added a pair of special Christmas offerings to their top-shelf line of exotic coffee blends. Neumeister has captured the spirit of the season with collages on the packages that complement the brand identity – and extend it to communicate the arrival of the new additions.

Piping hot packaging

Over the past 10 years, Johan & Nyström has become recognized as a pioneer in the specialty coffee revolution that has swept Scandinavia and the world. The creativity, passion and quality that the brand stands for has been captured in packages featuring colorful collages and descriptive texts created by Neumeister.

Have you herd?

Now Brutal Brewing and Texas Longhorn restaurants have made it easier to round up the amber lager they branded together. Texas State of Mind can now be ordered online and is available at Systembolaget throughout Sweden in bottles with labels that Neumeister designed.

Faster than you can say Neumeister

On December 1, we’ll be taking a break from work for the evening. That’s because Neumeister has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Sweden, and we’ve been invited to celebrate at the Gazelle Gala at the Concert Hall in Stockholm. We couldn’t have done this without our valued clients. So we’ll be personally thanking every one for putting their trust in our hands.

Minting a fresh design for Läkerol

Läkerol’s classic range of pastilles have been satisfying Scandinavian sweet tooth’s for generations. But to keep up with changing tastes, introducing new flavors is a must. For Licorice Mint, the latest extension to the line, Neumeister added a fresh light green to the palette of familiar, pocket-sized Läkerol boxes. Denmark and Norway are the first markets to enjoy this new offering, and Sweden is up next.


Lantmännen definitely knows beans about what’s healthy for Swedish consumers. On packaging designed by Neumeister for the GoGreen line of driedbeans, the company’s promise of quality control from “farm to fork” is highlighted in words and images to promote its position as a market leader.

Going further to discover a cancer cure

The journey towards a cure to cancer can follow many paths. And Peter Neumeister’s participation in this year’s “Ride of Hope” is a testament to this sentiment. Peter began his ride in Stockholm on June 28 before joining hundreds of other cyclists who are dedicated to put the finish line for cancer a little closer to becoming reality.

An A+ presentation

With a presentation on packaging design at Berghs entitled “How to make the innovation process for a brand”, Peter Neumeister appeared as a guest lecturer before marketing managers, product managers and other business professionals. According to those in attendance, Peter graded out very well.


Some traditions change with the times. But since 1848, Mariestads has kept its heritage intact as one of Sweden’s oldest breweries. To honor its iconic market position, Neumeister has designed a new outlook for the brand that pays tribute to the brand’s beginning and celebrates the people of who have loved and brewed Mariestads from the beginning.

Kustom kulture 2.0

The design of Pistonhead Kustom Lager is moving forward. But no worries, it’s still that smooth and light brew with a spicy citrus edge. Organic and no nonsense in every possible way.

Sveriges annonsörer

The Swedish Advertisers Association was formed 90 years ago. Owned by more than 500 member companies, it’s the world’s largest organization of its kind. This “A List” of communication professionals understands the importance of projecting a striking, relevant image. Their desire to update the association’s graphic identity led to a new logo, pattern, color and font selection.

Let’s go bananas!

In their recent collaboration with Sean Banan, Cloetta most certainly has. And so can you with their new Polly mix of bubble gum, popcorn and banana flavored sweets.

Hot news!

As summer temperatures in Sweden rise, sales of Läkerol brand pastilles traditionally head south. In order to heat up the market, Neumeister designed and named two summer editions inspired by the culture of Brazil and the country’s famous sandy beaches.

Drumroll, please!

Barrels and Drums is a new selection of wines from Real World Wines. It’s a lovely duo of classic Chardonnay and Merlot – completely free from alcohol, without compromising in taste.

A sight for sore eyes

Editorial Design Served curate only the best work within magazine and book design. So we’re thrilled that our design for Two Days in Monte Carlo is being featured on their website. This beautiful documentation of the 25th Monaco Grand Prix in 1967 is a must see.

We have a crush on…

Loka Crush – the new sparkling fruit drink with nothing but natural sources of spring water and fruit juice. It’s the perfect refreshment for everyday indulgence. Completely free from artificial no-nos, Loka Crush is available in juicy flavors of lemon, raspberry and pear!

A transatlantic message in a bottle

Pistonhead from Brutal Brewing has been a great success in Sweden with a whole range of kustom kulture lagers. Now the Canadians can enjoy it as well since Pistonhead has made it all the way across the Atlantic!

THE sharpest knife in the drawer

We are oh so happy to announce that the classic brand Morakniv has chosen to work with us. The brand has been present since 1891 and is still “Made in Sweden” – which makes this collaboration even more honorable.

Take it up a notch, sir!

Brutal Brewing continues to raise its profile. With Sir Taste-a-Lot State-of-Hoppiness, you can enjoy a hoppy, bitter and slightly stronger lager than its younger brother. Filled with Cascade, Citra, Perle and Amarillo hops and brewed with Melanoidin and Pilsner malts – this light amber lager truly is the embodiment of fine taste.

Jury duty deluxe

The annual advertising event 100-Wattaren was certainly this week’s highlight as our Creative Director Peter Neumeister was part of the award jury. A very proud moment indeed!

Charmed by the countryside

Gunnarhögs Gård is a family farm situated in scenic Österlen, and is mostly known for its canola oil. We’re happy to present their new corporate identity, packaging design and range of printed goods developed by our Malmö office.

Gigantic news!

We take great pride in our corporate identity development for Elgiganten. Brand New does, too. This online reviewer of corporate designs just published our work. The new look is currently being implemented in Norway and Denmark, before being finalized in Sweden.

Hello there!

We are happy to announce that Björn Kongslöv has joined our Malmö office. This eagle-eyed man is our new final artist and has vast experience from Blomquist Annonsbyrå, McCann, Eight and The Fan Club.

Just what we longed for

We are fortunate to have found Jeanette Zackrisson; our new production manager at the Stockholm office. With a true passion for packaging design, she even has a blog devoted to it ( Jeanette comes on board at Neumeister with a solid background from design agencies including Stockholm Design Lab, McCann Stockholm and Pond.

From one jury to another

Guldägget is Sweden’s most prestigious communication award. We’re proud that Peter Neumeister was one of the few to participate as a jury member this year!


Beervana has returned! At least for another summer or so. From the 1st of May you can bring back those harmonious gatherings in the sun that you’ve longed for.

“Perfection is a moving target”

Neumeister, in collaboration with Koenigsegg has released a limited series of 10 photographs to commemorate Koenigsegg’s 10th anniversary and 100th car produced. Follow the link for more information on the prints and pre-order the book, 0 to 100 in 10 years.

Berns celebrates 150 – All year long

2013 marks a century and a half since Berns first opened its doors in Stockholm. Building on the graphic identity program launched in 2011, Neumeister is creating a comprehensive anniversary logo that will appear in connection with events Berns has planned throughout the year.

Supporting the children’s cancer foundation – All the way to Paris

As a member of Team Rynkeby, you can help Peter Neumeister raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation – without breaking a sweat.

For SEK 25.000 your company’s logo will be displayed on the team’s cycling jersey. Neumeister will also provide an additional SEK 5.000 for every one of our clients who choose to support Peter’s ride.

Neumeister is branching out

After six years of steady growth in Stockholm, Neumeister is opening in Malmö to better serve businesses in Skåne and southern Sweden including Malaco, Koenigsegg and Lindahl’s Dairy owned by Skånemejerier – as well as long-time client Skånetrafiken.

On a roll

We’re proud to announce that our friends at Backers, the Finnish bakery brand, recently won the prestigious advertising competition “Skålen”. Congrats to Backers and Per Torell, the creative brain behind the winning graphic identity program.

The unique taste of Xavier Vignon

Xavier Vignon is a world-class wine consultant working with hundreds of the leading estates in the Rhône region in France. He’s known for creating wines blended from barrels of juice that he’s taken as partial payment for the services he provides. Neumeister has created new label designs which allow the different wines that Xavier produces to all thrive under one roof.

A real kick in the groin

That’s what you’ll get from Pistonhead Crude Oil, the new liquorice shot from Brutal Brewing. Unrefined and with loads of chilli, it ain’t exactly a smooth ride.

Enlighten yourself…

And reach true Beervana with the new limited edition summer beer from Brutal Brewing. A lager with a pleasant bitterness and a hint of grapefruit that lingers on the lip, Beervana is perfectly suited for harmonious gatherings in the sun.

Nominated for two FAB Awards

Boy, oh boy. Just when we thought things couldn’t get any better, we receive two more award nominations! Our visual identity for Backers, the Finnish eco-bakery, and the packaging design for French wine range Xavier are both final contenders in this international food and beverage contest.

Proud finalists of Clio Awards

Our corporate identity for Swedish Institute has been announced as a final competitor for yet another prestigious design award. The myth has been disclosed. Lightning does strike twice!

In it for the One Show

We have officially been declared finalists in the One Show design award with our corporate identity for Swedish Institute. Fingers crossed!

Die Neu Meister

We are thrilled to announce that Neumeister has been voted ”Årets Byrå 2011” (Agency of the Year award). As first time applicants and winners, it seems we are truly living up to our name. A big thank you to all of our beloved clients for making it happen!

Luxurious city guide

If you’re planning to spend some serious money in Stockholm on the good things in life, we’ve got the guide for you. Designed by Neumeister.