Precision by tradition

A successful relaunch of a brand and a mark in the history for the 100-year anniversary of Gyttorp, as Neumeister enabled the company to build a competitive advantage to its competitors and at the same time signal Gyttorp’s long history within the hunting sector.

Radiating with power

Neumeister created the identity for the Swedish Radiation Safety Society. The result is an authority radiating with power from the inside and out.


Moist Snuff, a smokeless tobacco product placed under your upper lip, is widely associated with a blue-collar culture in Sweden. Our task was to reposition the brand to appeal to a wider audience, which led to substantial increase in sales despite the declining market.

Peel the orange

Pucko has taken a next step with a limited-edition chocolate-orange drink. In addition to the new packaging design we left you a surprise if you peel the label.

Café au lait

You will find it in most coffee-shops, restaurants and offices: our new design for the classic Arla Jigger.

Refine for perfection

Few things go as well together as a Pucko and a hotdog. To show this Neumeister have perfected their classic branding.

A classic made portable

Arla, the largest producer of dairy products in Scandinavia, wanted milk to have a life outside the traditional stores. Neumeister developed a brand new bottle and packaging structure. Obviously a flirt with the traditional milkman and his bottle, but with an unquestionably modern touch.

Mailed it!

Posten, Sweden’s national postal service was in the process of developing a new brand and retail strategy that relied heavily on the concept of self-service. While Posten move their offices to grocery stores to become more accessible we developed their brand with the same goal. The updated visual identity was the basis for recreating everything from vehicles and offices to uniforms and mailboxes.