Vitamin Well reloaded

Now we’re in the starting process of giving Vitamin Well the very vitamin injection that it gives you. New products, new design. Relaunch soon.

Simply Berns

The name was changed from Berns Salonger to simply Berns – which is exactly what it always has been called. The new identity changes according to where the guests are. Describing the multitude of possibilities that Berns has to offer, with one main logo and sub-brands.

Not just a lager

Spendrups asked Neumeister to design Mariestads Prima Lager – a super-premium lager with a distinctly bitter taste based on 160 years of brewing traditions. To complement these values we created packaging design with a seamless fusion of traditional values and contemporary designelements. Cheers!

Revitalizing Orrefors

Around the world Orrefors is associated with unique glass articles, art glass, and custom glass that all add beauty to our everyday life. Neumeister develops packaging design to a product line working across generations. We want all generations to enjoy good design!

Cannes Lions packaging winner

A clever packaging design idea that clearly will tell the consumers about the new flavor from this iconic brand and still leave something to discover. However, consumers have to peel the label to get it. Naturally!

A true story

Established in 1901, our mission was to incorporate the history of Snälleröds with a distinct brand platform and also: invent eco-friendly design solutions equivalent to the organic liquor products.

Fire in the hole!

It was a 100 years ago Gyttorp opened the doors to their hunting factory in Nora. To celebrate this we helped them create a limited edition case of hunting cartridges. In memory of their ancestry we designed the case with their long-established heritage and classic logo in mind.

A royal touch

V&S, one of the world’s leading international spirits companies, wanted to regenerate Kronvodka, a Swedish vodka brand with a royal heritage dating back to the 18th century. Kronvodka’s black and silver packaging with the new symbol was designed to attract a mature male audience.