A brand new look for over 100 years of consulting

As the name changed from LRF Konsult to Ludvig & Co we designed the new identity that highlights the different services that the company offers.

Sweden’s first Cola is back!

Cuba Cola gives you a sweet energy boost, since 1953! Now in a new suit inspired by the classic design.

Whooo said being healthy was hard?

HealthyCo just launched the redesigned range of tasty treats with no added sugar or palm oil. So you can live fast and stay young!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Twenty-twenty we got love in plenty!

This ship got a new vessel

Yes, you can order you favorite IPA in both a bottle and a can.

Apocalypse Neigh!

This Pale Horse Pilsner brings the classic german beer style back to life again!

Greetings from Greece

Kala & Mata offer authentic Greek products of the highest quality, new to the Swedish market. To showcase the carefully handpicked olives we surrounded it with gold inside the logo.

Catch the waves of this one

A fine can of Wisby Lager may be just what you need! News has it that a non-alcoholic version also made it out from the brewery today.