Game, set, drink

Vitamin well will proudly hydrate players and fans of Stockholm Open. This Neumeister designed still water is all you need both on and off court.

A caribbean dream comes to life

A kind of a bottle you might be able to find somewhere on the islands in a no-nonsense, beachside bar – at least in our dreams. With a brand new design, the Barracuda swims back to surface and is now on a steady course towards the most popular rum brand in Sweden.

Love is Divine

Congratulations Victoria and Daniel! Last Sunday the Swedish Royal Wedding Couple received the official gift from the Swedish People — an elegant set of glasses from Orrefors.
The retail version of the set, also designed by Erika Lagerbielke, is called “Divine” and available in stores now. Design and communication concept by Neumeister.

Two grand awards in New York!

Neumeister was awarded two Silver Pencils at the 2010 One Show Design Awards in New York. Both awards were given to Gyttorp in the categories: “Branding/Logo/Trademark Design” and “Package Design”. Download press release

Please focus on this

Do you feel like you can’t focus on your tasks? Vitamin well developed this drink for you! All ingredients are carefully chosen to keep you concentrated.

A refreshing redesign

For years, Hwila mineral water has been bottled and canned by Åbro, one of Sweden’s oldest breweries. So when Neumeister updated the brand’s appearance, maintaining Hwila’s heritage was key. Different colors and shapes identify the varieties, and can easily be updated as new products are added. Hwila’s new design clearly stands out on store shelves – Pure and refreshing.

The new generation

Orrefors, the classic Swedish design company is associated around the world with unique glass articles, art glass, and custom glass. This time, however, the designer is a student of University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm and with his series You/We. The packaging design is made by Neumeister.

Old but gold

The Old Gold premium pilsener is a tribute to traditional beermaking. To highlight this we created an elegant etiquette with an antique style bottle, grounded in the old ways of beermaking aswell as beerdrinking.