Cocktails with a twist

Meet Whiptail. Classic drinks like Mojito and Bellini in a brand new spritzy shape. Whiptail is sold in barrels and you’ll be able to try it out in restaurants and bars soon.

A new NAIA

A smashing new design for NAIA that clearly radiates the energy this drink holds within. Limited edition, no sugar.

The master pilsner

Brewmaster Richard Bengtsson and chef of the year 2020 Ludwig Tjörnemo have coproduced this masterpiece. It is 100% ecological and suits perfectly with dinner.

Catch the bunny before it’s gone

An easter special from Gotland is back again. Make sure to get one before they disappear. Happy easter from Neumeister.

A new era

The new identity for the 3D design application Finch focuses on the intersection of the three fundamental dimensions of their revolutionary software: imagination, design and adaptability. With AI supported tools, they bring architecture into the new era of generative design.

Who needs a bartender anyway?

With Grevens new cocktails you won’t even need a bartender. Your drinks are ready to be popped wherever, whenever. Fresh and simple!

Sqin by Heidi

We have created the identity for Sqin by Heidi, a skincare studio in Copenhagen. The place to go if you want to give yourself a treat.

Illustrating the joy of gardening

In helping Algomin create new packaging we took help from the talented Fideli Sundqvist to successfully capture the joy of gardening. She created 6 unique collages to achieve the hand crafted spirit we were looking for.