Who needs a bartender anyway?

With Grevens new cocktails you won’t even need a bartender. Your drinks are ready to be popped wherever, whenever. Fresh and simple!

Sqin by Heidi

We have created the identity for Sqin by Heidi, a skincare studio in Copenhagen. The place to go if you want to give yourself a treat.

Illustrating the joy of gardening

In helping Algomin create new packaging we took help from the talented Fideli Sundqvist to successfully capture the joy of gardening. She created 6 unique collages to achieve the hand crafted spirit we were looking for.

Algomin grass cut outs by Fideli Sundqvist

The everlasting year is finally over

We are all happy to put it behind us. Let’s all make 2021 a year to remember and embrace. Happy New Year to you all from Neumeister.

Quench your thirst with something dry

Perhaps Gotlands Bryggeris new addition to their tap series S:T Hans Fat. Number two in the series is the dry tap beer, represented by the gold stamped paper that we are proud to slide into the tap holder.

So fresh, so clean

Loka has not only got a new clean logo, but also a fresh brand design. The light green color is now the base for Lokas identity, which flirts with the origin of their water. It correlates with the colors of Bergslagen forest, which is the sole supplier of Loka.

No alcohol,
no compromises

Lazy Estate is a new non-alcoholic beverage brand with a clear ambition. You shouldn’t have to compromise on taste or any of the qualities you’re looking for, simply because it is free from alcohol. And their Sparkling Teas are only the beginning.

Handsome Hard Seltzer

White and light, a suiting look for this new drink by Hansa Borg. This Hard Seltzer is so smooth you won’t even notice the hooch. The perfect choice if you want to have a drink or two but still keep your cool.