11 x Hooray!

6 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals. We’re really proud of our result in the Worldwide Logo Design Award (WOLDA) and send a big THANK YOU to HealthyCo, Finch, Global Connect, FOJAB and Floral & Peel

Nominated to Agency of the Year 2022

At Neumeister, we create efficient design that takes market share and drives sales to our clients. A proof that we succeed in our mission is the nomination for Agency of the Year Sweden 2022.

Neumeister Sauvignon Blanc wine bottle

Neumeister Sauvignon Blanc wine bottle

A neu wine in the making

Every design agency should have their own wine. At least a limited edition one.

Neumeister packaging design Sauvignon Blanc Wine bottle

The undulating line becomes a landscape

Just like Landskapsgruppens architects and engineers form landscapes, we formed their new symbol and visual identity.

100% flavour
0% alcohol

Another exciting flavour of Sparkling Tea has made a mark in the non-alcoholic world. Lazy Estate make sure that you don’t have to compromise on either taste or design the moments when you’re not feeling like drinking.

Neumeister packaging design bottle Sparkling Tea Pink Grapefruit & Pear Alcohol Free

Lantmännen redesign

Lantmännen’s iconic sprout turns 50 this year and we celebrate by giving it, as well as the whole identity, a redesign.

Grand Tour chronograph series

Bravur is back with a new cycling inspired series called Grand Tour. Each watch in the series is a tribute to the world’s largest bicycle races, Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta a Espana.

Red Dot Design Award 2021

Lazy Estate brought home our first Red Dot Design award. We are all so proud and happy.