About us

Neumeister is a brand design agency founded in Stockholm in 2006.In 2013 we opened in Malmö too. We help companies of all sizes develop their brands and businesses. Over the course of time, we have gained invaluable experience and knowledge in a variety of industries.

Our field of work is regarded as creative. However, we don’t believe in thinking outside the box. We are driven by logic and business sense to develop relevant solutions for our clients. As a result, we don’t fear routines that respect budgets, honor deadlines and keep everyone on target. In fact, we have created a few routines ourselves.


There is a story behind every brand design. And we respect these stories. We understand the significance of design and how it can come to define a brand or product. A revision is sometimes all that’s necessary. So we start at the beginning by breaking down the existing design to examine the importance of each individual component. This method ensures a solid foundation for a revision that remains loyal to the brand’s legacy, but that also aspires to something new. An understated update. Maybe it was enough. But, what if we pushed a bit more?


We learn about a brand’s background through Revision. Evolution is about taking it a step further. The perception of a brand’s visual expression changes in time with the world around it. In Evolution, we take this transformation seriously as we explore where the brand is going and what tomorrow will look like. Always keeping in mind where it came from.


Revolution is a big word. But at this stage in the process, it’s our duty to think big. If Revision is about challenging the status quo and Evolution is about challenging the brief, then Revolution is about challenging ourselves. And we do it with a design solution that is not only unexpected, but surprisingly obvious, too.

These are three words that say everything about the way we work. Each word describes a step in our brand design process and also represents a concrete proposal for a solution. In other words, we always develop three different suggestions for the challenges we’ve been entrusted to solve.


Creating and choosing a brand design involves strategic decisions. We believe it’s necessary to isolate the business goal that you’ve set before we begin the design process. If there’s a single most important thing we do, this is it. Because your goal establishes focus and allows us to consider the best way to reach it.


What’s in a name? Sometimes everything. A name is, more than often, the anchor point for a brand or product and every ambition behind it. Ideally, it creates attention and differentiation in a moment. At the same time, it creates awareness for the values the brand represents. Which is why naming is such a challenging task.


The key components of a brand design should be instantly recognizable no matter where or how it appears. Visual elements can include wordmarks, symbols, colours, typefaces, patterns, shapes, images and more. Depending on how people interact with the brand, a specific sound, scent or texture can also form part of its identity. Every customer touch point is taken into account when we design a brand at Neumeister, as well as the identity system that defines how it should be applied. From simple print specifications to complete brand book guidelines, or anything in between, we’ll help ensure that your brand maintains its consistency.


It’s a fact that the human brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than written text. That’s one of the most convincing reasons why we consider well-designed packaging among the strongest sales tools a company can use. While packaging plays many roles, such as protecting the product it contains, if it appears in a crowded retail environment, it also has to stand out. Beyond its size, shape or structure, other considerations we take into account at Neumeister include the materials used to make a package, and how all of these add up to make a first and lasting impression.


All business is risky. In fact, only three percent of new products survive within the first year of introduction. Our experience from creating new identity programmes for public services to rebranding private label products, and just about any design project in between, has taught us to minimize risks in many ways. First of all, we learn as much about your business as we can. Understanding why some competitors have succeeded or how to avoid pitfalls that have brought down other brands in your industry is vital. The strategic approach we follow at Neumeister certainly helps, too. We develop three distinctive brand design tracks and always keep one business goal in focus. Judging by the results our clients have experienced, it’s a safe way to work.


Any investment made in the development of your brand design ought to deliver positive returns. In order to make that happen, you need the right strategy, skills and tools in place. At Neumeister, we can support your sales and marketing efforts with project management, procurement, brand guidelines, training and more. We can dovetail our experience and talents with your team at whatever level is necessary.


Inspiration comes in many forms. And if you’re searching for a creative approach to solving a business challenge, perhaps Neumeister’s multi-talented designers and brand strategists can provide it. We’ve staged lectures, seminars and workshops for private corporations, public organizations and schools, spanning a wide spectrum of topics. These events offer a different way to put our brand design expertise to work for you. If you’re looking for a spark of creativity, just ask what we could design for you.

On occasion, we speak before students of Design Management at Berghs in Stockholm. It has turned out to be as educational for Neumeister as for the audience. Rather than highlight successful projects, we like to present work that didn’t become a success – in an attempt to understand why. Examining what has failed allows both the future design managers and ourselves to learn from our mistakes.