Lola is a woman who cooks fantastic food on a beach in Brazil. Her name is extremely important to the founders of Supper, a restaurant that serves Latin food with a Swedish twist. Using her name was a demand from the restaurant when Brutal brewing and Supper started up a beer collaboration.

One challenge we faced as designers was, “How do we make this short, lyrical name relevant to a wider audience, and transform it into a bigger brand so LoLa is relevant to people who might buy it in other locations?”

This inspired us to think of LoLa in two parts. ‘Lo’ stands for the more controlled Swedish side of its character. And ‘La’ represents its Latin flair for living. Alternating labels on different bottles were considered so consumers could choose either ‘Lo’ or ‘La’ to match their mood. But because that might appear as a promotion to encourage more beer sales, it isn’t allowed by Swedish law. We solved this by designing front and back labels for LoLa that simply divide the name.