Three cheers on turning 10

In honor of Loka Likes’ 10th birthday, fans of the bottled water from Spendrups have voted to bring back two past favorites and one new flavor. Coconut Dream and Pear Ice Pop are now available again for a limited time, along with new ColaPinne.

A lust for sharing knowledge

To inspire students and members of Matlust, an EU initiative that supports the sustainable food industry, Neumeister Designer Victor Nilsson lectured at KTH in Stockholm. Faculty and students in innovation and design courses heard how strategies for creative packaging solutions can be developed to establish long-term brand awareness.

“…and then I had this totally crazy idea!”

After viewing the Eero Aarnio furniture exhibition now underway at Nationalmuseum Design in Stockholm, the design icon’s philosophy stayed with us. After more than 50 years, his thought process still inspires.

A favorite brew surfaces again

Since its introduction, 4.8% bottles of Tail of the Whale from Brutal Brewing have been available on order from Systembolaget. Now, the 3.5% version is back as well, appearing on shelves in grocery stores now.

In bed with a new lifestyle

Today, in addition to sleeping, people spend time in bed watching movies, TV, eating, exercising and more. The brand identity for 24SJU, a new bed now for sale at SOVA stores, brings this message home.

Taking Neumeister creativity to Korea

In an inspiring exchange of philosophies, designers from the far east met a fellow creative from the far north. From November 9th to the 13th, designers from all across Asia attended Design Korea 2016. Peter Neumeister was there, too, with a presentation of our approach to design and brand identity.

Mutually inspiring

Peter Neumeister is in Japan this week to showcase our agency’s design and brand identity expertise. In Tokyo, he met with Fumi Sasada, founder of Bravis International and former president of The Japanese Packaging Association, to inspire and be inspired.

Mix to match your thirst for good design

With more than one tasty Brutal Brewing Session Series beer to choose from, it’s hard to pick between them. So don’t. A new 4-pack container makes it easy to select two bottles of each and carry them home.

Brave by design

On October 5 and 6 in Kista, Peter Neumeister started the Nordics largest package design exhibition with his presentation: “Don’t be afraid to be different”. It’s advice we follow and give our clients every day.

Smile, you’re on camera

When alarms recently went off in the middle of the night in our Malmö office, thieves who broke in were captured on camera. Since then, we have added further protection to strengthen our security system.