Vitamin Well reloaded

Now, we’re in the starting process of giving Vitamin Well the very vitamin injection that it gives you. New products, new design. Relaunch soon… Resume article

Welcome Nico Paredes

We’re delighted to welcome Nico in joining the team at Neumeister. Nico is a seasoned and multi-talented final art producer. At Neumeister he will cooperate with our copywriters and art directors, producing and preparing artwork for printing. We’re glad to have Nico, and his highly developed perception of design and layout, on our team.

Kill it and grill it

We have designed a new cookbook for wild game. Get all the recipes you need after a good days hunt around the manor.

A true story

Enjoy these new ecological schnapps from Snälleröds. Even the packaging is one of a kind: a completely eco-friendly design solution by Neumeister. Out now!

Studio spotlight

The worlds #1package design website “” focused on Neumeister in their “Studio spotlight”. Quite an honor…

Revitalizing Orrefors

Around the world Orrefors is associated with unique glass articles, art glass, and custom glass that all add beauty to our everyday life. Neumeister develops packaging design to a product line working across generations. We want all generations to enjoy good design!

Cannes Lions packaging winner

A clever packaging design idea that clearly will tell the consumers about the new flavour from this iconic brand and still leave something to discover. But, the consumers have to peel the label to get it. Naturally!

Peter in the spotlight

If you want to read about how Peter feels about design and things in general, you should get the new issue of the magazine “Packmarknaden” (isn’t that a groovy name for a publication?). You’ll find an interesting coverage on page 36 – 37. Article.

A new identity

Procurator, everything necessary from the world of cleaning, has a new profile, designed by Neumeister.

Café au lait

You will find it in most coffee-shops, restaurants and offices: our new design for the classic Arla Jigger.