Vitamin Well is better than well

Every month Vitamin Well is breaking new sales records. A true success story and we’re naturally very proud to be a part of it with our design.

Restful design

Hwila, natural mineral water from Vimmerby, Sweden, has been redesigned by Neumeister. Pure and rigorous, easy to apply on either cans, glass or PET-bottles; sparkling or non-sparkling. Out now.

Big in… China

Right in time for Expo 2010 Shanghai, there’s an interesting 14 page [sic!] article on Neumeister in the Chinese design magazine “Package & Design”. For some reason they seemed extremely attracted to our work with Barracuda – the Caribbean rum. And can you blame them, really?

Love is Divine

Congratulations Victoria and Daniel! Last Sunday the Swedish Royal Wedding Couple received the official gift from the Swedish People — an elegant set of glasses from Orrefors.
The retail version of the set, also designed by Erika Lagerbielke, is called “Divine” and available in stores now. Design and communication concept by Neumeister.

Caribbean vibes

Barracuda, the traditional rum from Vin & Sprit, has been re-designed by Neumeister. With its playful, almost Caribbean attitude it’s the kind of bottle you might be able to find somewhere on the islands in a no-nonsense, beachside bar – at least in our dreams.

Two grand awards in New York!

Neumeister was awarded two Silver Pencils at the 2010 One Show Design Awards in New York. Both awards were given to Gyttorp in the categories: “Branding/Logo/Trademark Design” and “Package Design”. Download press release

A sensory expression

With Orrefors’s “Difference”, the character of every drink achieves its own expression: there is one for every flavour and aroma. In this concept the glass designer is working together with a well-known sensory expert, which has resulted in a new suite of glasses for beer; Pils, Ale and Porter. All wrapped in design made by Neumeister.

Vive le roi!

“The valley of the kings´” is not, as you might think, a reference to ancient Egypt, but actually a brand new “Bag in Box”. The white wine comes from that famous valley “La Vallée des Rois“ in Loire, France. Our design is a tribute to the good old days in pre-revolutionary France, when there were plenty of cakes to go around for everyone. In stores soon. Tchin, tchin…

Extra! Extra! Read all about it

In the book “The World of Creatives” you can read all about our work with SSM (The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority). Yes, the whole thrilling story from the very first ray of light to the end of the first chapter in our collaboration. Take a look for yourself and read the whole exciting story. The book is out now! Read more (PDF)

The new generation

Orrefors is associated around the world with unique glass articles, art glass, and custom glass. A classic Swedish design company. This time, how ever, the designer is a student of University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm and with his series You/We. Packaging design made by Neumeister.