Continuing to taste success

Over the years, Pärsons has become one of Sweden’s top-selling sandwich meat brands. New package designs that highlight the product’s quality are helping to bring the joy of sandwiches to the whole family.

Brave by design

On October 5 and 6 in Kista, Peter Neumeister started the Nordics largest package design exhibition with his presentation: “Don’t be afraid to be different”. It’s advice we follow and give our clients every day.

An eye-opening look at virtual reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is the future of communication in many ways. Neumeister visited Odd Raven Studios, a Stockholm game developer with the same goals we have: to create something no one has experienced before.

Malaco Patrol to the rescue

Fans of Malaco Mixpåsar goodies have something new to look for when they’re patrolling the candy aisle. Packages featuring purple-masked characters are ready to win the strongest battle for a sweet treat.

Smile, you’re on camera

When alarms recently went off in the middle of the night in our Malmö office, thieves who broke in were captured on camera. Since then, we have added further protection to strengthen our security system.

Goodies for grown-ups

Malaco is taking a fresh approach towards offering goodies for adults with bonbons, fudge and toffee in re-sealable bags. This makes it easy to indulge in a short break every day that’s especially sweet.

On top of their game

We have a lot of fun watching MFF, Malmö’s football team, rise to the top of the standings in Allsvenskan. And from our seats in the stadium, we’ll continue cheering and hoping for a championship this season.

Bye Bye Reinheitsgebot

Introducing Raw Law, brewed with fresh ingredients. Neumeister created the concept and design for this new Brutal Brewing Limited Edition. And you can taste it now at the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival.

Our Malmö office has a new client – Skål

We’re proud to say that Hansa Borg, a Norwegian brewery, has assigned the team in our Malmö office to pour their creativity into new graphic design projects for some of Norway’s best-known beverages.

Spendrups new suit

Leading by example

Since the brewery first opened in 1897, Spendrups has led by example. It’s new corporate identity bridges the past and the future of a brand with a constant ambition to surprise and satisfy the customers.

Receiving Pentawards trophy!

Neumeister has won the Pentawards bronze for Mariestads Limited Edition. Pentawards is a worldwide packaging design competition. So now we are very proud to receive our trophy in Shanghai!

Words to live by: “We are what we brew.”

Brutal Brewing’s Oatmeal Super Stout is only on tap for a short time. But the Brewer Calle’s new tattoo will ensure the beer will never be forgotten in his lifetime. Brutal people really are what they brew.

A premium blend of health and great taste

In a category that’s rapidly growing, Friggs new premium organic teas are fit to take on the strongest competition. Look for the latest offerings from a brand known for good health on store shelves now.

Black is the new bottled brew

First introduced as a limited edition rotating tap beer, the Lit Up Black IPA is now available in bottles, too. For a tropical taste with a dark twist, look for this Session Series beer from Brutal Brewing.

Enjoy a full taste of cider this fall

The product of traditional craftsmanship, with freshly squeezed apple must from Briska is a taste worth looking forward to. This unfiltered adult beverage is now out on restaurant and bar menus.

A Brutal start to fall

At Brutal Brewing, they hand-picked Oatmeal Super Stout to welcome the harvest season to Sweden. Available from Week 37, the latest rotating tap beer is strong, black as dirt, and thanks to the oats, silky smooth.

The time to vote is Neu

Voting for the 2016 Svenska Designpriset is underway. Identity and package designs we’ve created for Hövding and N’1ce are on the ballot, as is the package design for Mariestads Limited Edition. Visit to cast your ballot.