“…and then I had this totally crazy idea!”

After viewing the Eero Aarnio furniture exhibition now underway at Nationalmuseum Design in Stockholm, the design icon’s philosophy stayed with us. After more than 50 years, his thought process still inspires.

Creating top-of-mind awareness

Encouraging top-end restaurants to offer two new non-alcoholic beverages is now on the menu at Neumeister. And we’re already pouring our creativity into developing the brand identity for bottles of Vy.

Interest in microbreweries continues to overflow

By putting Swedish microbreweries in the spotlight, the Nöjesguidens Ölmässa has become a big sensation over the past few years. We were among those who poured in to sample Brutal Brewing and others.

A favorite brew surfaces again

Since its introduction, 4.8% bottles of Tail of the Whale from Brutal Brewing have been available on order from Systembolaget. Now, the 3.5% version is back as well, appearing on shelves in grocery stores now.

In bed with a new lifestyle

Today, in addition to sleeping, people spend time in bed watching movies, TV, eating, exercising and more. The brand identity for 24SJU, a new bed now for sale at SOVA stores, brings this message home.

Supporting our love of art

Since 1921, Vårsalongen has given artists across Sweden a public venue to display their talent. Neumeister attended this year’s opening at Liljevalchs in Stockholm, and purchased art that touched our hearts.

Two to look for in 2017

LOKA is looking ahead to the new year with two new flavors, each featuring a refreshing taste combination. Stock up on new LOKA Gurka/Mynta and LOKA Grapefruit/Lime in convenience stores and supermarkets soon.

An unexpected twist on tap

Sweet and fruity are not words normally used to describe a dark beer. But thanks to Australian Ella and U.S. Centennial hops, that’s Ella The Twisted Brown Ale – the latest rotating tap from Brutal Brewing – in a nutshell.

Proudly presented for the holidays

Christmas is a time for gathering, giving, and celebrating. And the new design created for Hansa JuleAle is wrapped in holiday colors to match a special taste that’s ready to be presented to family and friends.

A modern approach that respects history

Since its founding in 1930, Brafab has been known for acting with integrity and honesty. Now, we’re building on these values by updating the company brand while keeping its entrepreneurial spirit intact.

Nygårda’s little Christmas helpers

Nygårda is presenting a fresh update for Christmas this year. In the true spirit of the holidays, Neumeister created the design in collaboration with illustrator Mikael Eriksson.

A merry design indeed.

Grand inspiration

Christian von Koenigsegg, who Neumeister has designed and written a book about that chronicles his renowned hyper car company, and marketing guru Philip Kotler, headlined the Master Class 2016 program held at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm. The inspiring duo provided insights on some innovative ways businesses succeed.

The change is clear

Thanks to small clever changes, the look of Loka water is now sharper than ever. An updated label design is now complete that makes it easier to find your favorite flavors on store shelves and in coolers.

The ballad of Neumeister’s new designer

While struggling to make it as a rock musician in Berlin, Jakob Spenner, began designing his band’s concert posters. Now, with a Graphic Design degree from Malmö University, he’s joined our band of designers.

‘Tis the season for cinnamon

Since 2011, Cloetta has presented specially flavored packages of Juleskum that can also be mailed as Christmas cards. This year, look for a design with illustrated cinnamon sticks in the shape of poinsettias.

Taking Neumeister creativity to Korea

In an inspiring exchange of philosophies, designers from the far east met a fellow creative from the far north. From November 9th to the 13th, designers from all across Asia attended Design Korea 2016. Peter Neumeister was there, too, with a presentation of our approach to design and brand identity.

Building on Swedbar’s strength

Swebar Protein Bars have become a market leader for Dalblads. Now, building on this success, a new package design is also bringing Multivitamin tablets and Protein bottled water into the family of products.

Mutually inspiring

Peter Neumeister is in Japan this week to showcase our agency’s design and brand identity expertise. In Tokyo, he met with Fumi Sasada, founder of Bravis International and former president of The Japanese Packaging Association, to inspire and be inspired.

Nothing to sneeze at

There’s a healthy addition being introduced to the Läkerol Hals family of sugar- and calorie-free pastilles: Cranberry. Well known as an ingredient in cold remedies, the tart red fruit is mighty tasty, too.

A must have for Christmas

Grown-ups with sophisticated tastes will want Nygårda Julmust on their Christmas list. From the secret spices inside the 33cl bottle, to the textured label outside, this limited brew is premium in every way.