New for the Easter shopping basket

Last Christmas, Neumeister created a new look for Nygårda Julmust to separate the brand from traditional competitors. Now, for Easter, consumers will see a design update on bottles of Nygårda Påskmust, too.

Be the strong one, not the same one

Our agency founder, Peter Neumeister, has made a career out of taking risks. Not surprisingly, “Don’t be Afraid of Being Different” is the title of Peter’s presentation on March 29 at EMPACK 2017 in Malmö.

Judge Calle

Each year, the Creative Circle Awards in Copenhagen invites an international jury member to help judge the competition’s package design category. On March 24, our Creative Director Calle Larsson had the honor.

Professional grade experience

On March 20, Axel Ericson joined Neumeister to gain practical experience outside of the classes he attends at Bergskolan. For two weeks, we’ll have Axel put his Photoshop skills to good use on client projects.

Talk about strong labels…

In the March 21 issue of Nordvalls, Peter Neumeister was interviewed on the importance of product label design. This topic is also the focus of the presentation Peter will give during Empackmässan on October 5.

Still images that will move you

Photographer Tobias Regell’s portfolio covers the spectrum from commercial product shots to fine art portraits. Neumeister designed his website to present his work in a way that’s similar to a printed book.

Pour research

New from Spendrups, ‘State of Beer’ has been crafted as the ideal brew. The recipe for this light lager taps into research from a report by the same name. And it proves that better info leads to better outflow.

Kicking in with more flavor

In addition to being the top-selling candy in Norway, Kick is also popular in Denmark and Sweden. Now, with bigger pieces and a boost in its line of flavors, there’s even more in store for Kick lovers.

Keeping Pops top of mind

As sales of Pops grows in Norway, maintaining its appeal with consumers is vital. To help do so, updating the design on bags of the chocolate-covered, crunchy corn-flavored candy is our latest sweet assignment.

Hansa is making Norway even more green this spring

Cheers to Hansa for introducing Pilsner Økologisk, an all-organic version of the brewery’s best-selling pilsner. And cheers again for using much less ink to print its 6-pack box, so it’s more eco-friendly, too.

Dinner with a winner

We’re constantly impressed by the many talents our clients have. After a meal to celebrate a successful project, Neumeister’s Malmö team received coaching from one who is a European Shuffleboard champion.

Three cheers on turning 10

In honor of Loka Likes’ 10th birthday, fans of the bottled water from Spendrups have voted to bring back two past favorites and one new flavor. Coconut Dream and Pear Ice Pop are now available again for a limited time, along with new ColaPinne.

A lust for sharing knowledge

To inspire students and members of Matlust, an EU initiative that supports the sustainable food industry, Neumeister Designer Victor Nilsson lectured at KTH in Stockholm. Faculty and students in innovation and design courses heard how strategies for creative packaging solutions can be developed to establish long-term brand awareness.

Sharing our love for labels

Our agency Founder and CEO Peter Neumeister has been interviewed for the book, ‘Etiketten i Fokus’ (The Label in Focus). Peter shares his philosophy on the importance of creative brand identity and packaging design.

For stronger teeth, chew on this news

By adding Vitamin B3 and Calcium to Xylitol, the new DentaFresh Pro line of sugar-free pastilles is ready to make a strong case to be part of more personal dental care routines. The first two offerings, Eucalyptus / Mint and Lemongrass / Raspberry flavors, will be available near the end of February at Apoteket in Sweden, and DVH in Norway

A new star is born

Our design inspiration for Brutal Brewing’s latest limited edition is as clear as a cold winter night sky. Look for the bear on Polaris Golden Ale, available in selected bars and restaurants across Sweden.

“…and then I had this totally crazy idea!”

After viewing the Eero Aarnio furniture exhibition now underway at Nationalmuseum Design in Stockholm, the design icon’s philosophy stayed with us. After more than 50 years, his thought process still inspires.

Creating top-of-mind awareness

Encouraging top-end restaurants to offer two new non-alcoholic beverages is now on the menu at Neumeister. And we’re already pouring our creativity into developing the brand identity for bottles of Vy.

Interest in microbreweries continues to overflow

By putting Swedish microbreweries in the spotlight, the Nöjesguidens Ölmässa has become a big sensation over the past few years. We were among those who poured in to sample Brutal Brewing and others.

A favorite brew surfaces again

Since its introduction, 4.8% bottles of Tail of the Whale from Brutal Brewing have been available on order from Systembolaget. Now, the 3.5% version is back as well, appearing on shelves in grocery stores now.