Taking Neumeister creativity to Korea

In an inspiring exchange of philosophies, designers from the far east met a fellow creative from the far north. From November 9th to the 13th, designers from all across Asia attended Design Korea 2016. Peter Neumeister was there, too, with a presentation of our approach to design and brand identity.

Building on Swedbar’s strength

Swebar Protein Bars have become a market leader for Dalblads. Now, building on this success, a new package design is also bringing Multivitamin tablets and Protein bottled water into the family of products.

Mutually inspiring

Peter Neumeister is in Japan this week to showcase our agency’s design and brand identity expertise. In Tokyo, he met with Fumi Sasada, founder of Bravis International and former president of The Japanese Packaging Association, to inspire and be inspired.

Nothing to sneeze at

There’s a healthy addition being introduced to the Läkerol Hals family of sugar- and calorie-free pastilles: Cranberry. Well known as an ingredient in cold remedies, the tart red fruit is mighty tasty, too.

A must have for Christmas

Grown-ups with sophisticated tastes will want Nygårda Julmust on their Christmas list. From the secret spices inside the 33cl bottle, to the textured label outside, this limited brew is premium in every way.

Predictable is the one thing Polly is not

Chocolate covered Polly goodies are many things. Chewy. Yummy. A bit wacky. And always surprising. Like new Polly Mint. In addition to Polly Original, Milkcoco, and Bilar, it’s impossible to pick just one.

We just can’t fight the feeling

We’re passionate about great design, and love to strengthen our muscles on new assignments. We recently had a photoshoot at the legendary Slagskeppet gym to take a project to the next round of development.

Loka Likes democracy in action

After declaring the launch of Chokladboll Loka Likes was too much, the sparkling water brand is encouraging consumers to elect next year’s flavors to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. Vote now at lokalikes.se.

A fresh taste of tradition

To introduce a classic October beer from Hansa for the Norwegian market, Neumeister stayed true to tradition while respecting the innovative and modern beer brand.  The cans have already become a sales success.

What’s up with Hövding?

If you’re passing by NK, it’s hard to miss Hövding on display in the store windows. The campaign highlights innovative protection for cyclists with the thought that change is in the air. And that’s not hot air.

All pumped up about Hövding’s new office

In June, Hövding moved to a new location in Malmö. But they’ve been so busy making the world safer for urban cyclists since then, it’s taken until now to celebrate their new headquarters. Congrats on your move!

Mix to match your thirst for good design

With more than one tasty Brutal Brewing Session Series beer to choose from, it’s hard to pick between them. So don’t. A new 4-pack container makes it easy to select two bottles of each and carry them home.

Continuing to taste success

Over the years, Pärsons has become one of Sweden’s top-selling sandwich meat brands. New package designs that highlight the product’s quality are helping to bring the joy of sandwiches to the whole family.

Brave by design

On October 5 and 6 in Kista, Peter Neumeister started the Nordics largest package design exhibition with his presentation: “Don’t be afraid to be different”. It’s advice we follow and give our clients every day.

An eye-opening look at virtual reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is the future of communication in many ways. Neumeister visited Odd Raven Studios, a Stockholm game developer with the same goals we have: to create something no one has experienced before.

Malaco Patrol to the rescue

Fans of Malaco Mixpåsar goodies have something new to look for when they’re patrolling the candy aisle. Packages featuring purple-masked characters are ready to win the strongest battle for a sweet treat.

Smile, you’re on camera

When alarms recently went off in the middle of the night in our Malmö office, thieves who broke in were captured on camera. Since then, we have added further protection to strengthen our security system.

Goodies for grown-ups

Malaco is taking a fresh approach towards offering goodies for adults with bonbons, fudge and toffee in re-sealable bags. This makes it easy to indulge in a short break every day that’s especially sweet.

On top of their game

We have a lot of fun watching MFF, Malmö’s football team, rise to the top of the standings in Allsvenskan. And from our seats in the stadium, we’ll continue cheering and hoping for a championship this season.

Bye Bye Reinheitsgebot

Introducing Raw Law, brewed with fresh ingredients. Neumeister created the concept and design for this new Brutal Brewing Limited Edition. And you can taste it now at the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival.