The critics agree

In test after test by members of the Swedish media, Goder Aftonglögg has made quite a splash. The mulled wine produced by Wineworld is being mentioned as a great-tasting, best-buy in print and online across the country. The name and label design created by Neumeister is receiving outstanding reviews as well. Described as having the neatest, most traditional label by one publication is something worth raising our cups in celebration. So we will. Cheers to Goder Aftonglögg.

Skånetrafiken’s got sole

When Neumeister created the brand identity for buses and trains in southern Sweden, the design team never envisioned that the repeating arrow pattern would travel as far as London and New York City, too. But it did. Fabric from seats used on Skånetrafiken buses has been recycled for casual shoes produced by Resole. The durable green and red material is eco-friendly and according to John and Milena Pramgård, the couple who created Resole, comfortable and fashionable as well.

Quick congrats to Apoex

Every year, less than one-half of one percent of all Swedish companies are recognized on the Gazelle list as the country’s fastest growing firms. In 2014, Neumeister was proud to have its name added and be invited to attend the ceremony where the Super Gazelle winner was announced. Congratulations to Apoex for growing their business by 1641 percent over the past four years. Your success is an inspiration for us and entrepreneurs throughout Sweden.

Christmas by the cupful

Just in time to wake up the holidays, Johan & Nyström has added a pair of special Christmas offerings to their top-shelf line of exotic coffee blends. Neumeister has captured the spirit of the season with collages on the packages that complement the brand identity – and extend it to communicate the arrival of the new additions. Warm wishes and season’s greetings from Johan & Nyström and Neumeister, too.

Piping hot packaging

Over the past 10 years, Johan & Nyström has become recognized as a pioneer in the specialty coffee revolution that has swept Scandinavia and the world. The creativity, passion and quality that the brand stands for has been captured in package designs created by Neumeister. Colorful collages indicate different flavors that comprise each blend. Descriptive text highlights Johan & Nyström collaboration with growers, their emphasis on ecology, and service provided directly to the trade and consumers alike.

Adding another dimension of creativity

After 10 years in California, Tommy Persson has decided to return to his roots in Skåne. And fortunately for us, he’s putting the visualization skills he gained while he was away to work for our office in Malmö. Tommy will be doing photo shoots, retouching and creating 3D images for Neumeister. With experience in product photography, commercials, music videos, motion graphics and 3D visualization, we can’t wait to see what he develops for our clients.

Have you herd?

Now Brutal Brewing and Texas Longhorn restaurants have made it easier to round up the amber lager they branded together. That’s because Texas State of Mind is now available in bottles at Systembolaget throughout Sweden. But you can’t just mosey in and take it off the shelf. Before you pick up the new brew that Neumeister named and designed, you have to order itonline at

It’s hero time!

Dirt, grime, stains – meet your match. With super clean, strong package designs, Neumeister is helping Fixa brand broomsticks, cleaning rags, sprays and other cleaning products overpower the competition on store shelves. Large, simple graphics and solid, vivid colors highlight single product names on packaging that packs an immediate visual punch. Once again, our designers have saved the day. Hooray. Hooray.

A soothing sight for sore throats

As a challenger brand in a market dominated by well-established names, Läkerol Hals sore throat lozenges were launched in 2013. Now, Läkerol has determined that clearly describing and illustrating benefits is needed to spur sales. The re-design for packaging created by Neumeister does that at a glance. To help consumers choose the flavor they prefer, updated designs for Honey, Eucalyptus and Peppermint, as well as a new extension to the line, Ginger/Lemon, are distinguished by different colors.

Stew this over

Looking for something that’s easy and delicious to prepare at home any night of the week? Next time you’re at the grocery store, check out the new package designs that Neumeister has cooked up for GoGreen from Lantmännen. There are five packets to choose from. Each is filled with a variety of salt-free seasonings that let you prepare mouth-watering stews from different parts of the world. Simply add beef, chicken or fish and simmer on the stove. Then dig in. ‘Cuz dinner’s done.