Fashion forward

Dagens Media has highlighted our collaboration with Swedish Institute and the development of their new visual identity. It was launched at the Berlin fashion week in 2011 and caused a huge media attention.

From west to east

The work of Neumeister is appreciated around the globe! A Chinese publication named “Magic Packaging 2” has highlighted our packaging design for both Zoegas and Vitamin Well.

Neu words

Tendens Special is the only Swedish magazine specialized in marketing. It aims to give information and inspire within the area of marketing, brand building and communication. The spring issue features an interview with Peter Neumeister sharing his ideas about strategic design. Read the full story here.

Die Neu Meister

We are thrilled to announce that Neumeister has been voted ”Årets Byrå 2011” (Agency of the Year award). As we are first time applicants and winners, it seems we are truly living up to our name. A big thank-you to all of our beloved clients for making it happen!

All natural

Vitamin Well is now introducing a new, energetic range of drinks naturally sweetened with Stevia – meaning it’s all free from carbohydrates and calories. Enriched with vitamins and minerals, it gives you the perfect boost.

Guess what!

We have been nominated to the prestigious award “Årets Byrå 2011” (Agency of the Year award). Fingers crossed.

Did you know?

We just started up a new collaboration with Spendrups and their microbrewery Brutal Brewing. Two new beers designed by Neumeister are to be released this spring, keep your eyes open.

New Year invitation

Now that we have designed Berns’ New Years invitation, we will do our very best to show up ourselves, humming Auld Lang Syne and spilling champagne on our very best tuxedo… if not: Happy New Year anyhow!

Luxurious city guide

If you’re planning to spend some serious money in Stockholm on the good things in life, we’ve got the guide for you. Designed by Neumeister.

Milky way

The book “Boxed & labelled Two!” features new approaches to packaging design, and the Arla milk bottle designed by Neumeister is one of them – adding a modern twist to the traditional milk bottle.