Now we’re cookin’

As one of Sweden’s most popular brands of soups and sauces, Kelda is a name that’s on the lips of grocery shoppers across the country. Now, Neumeister is proud to add this division of Arla to our list of clients. With the goal of quickly and clearly communicating how easy Kelda makes it to prepare tasty meals without a lot of fuss – our designers have already worked up an appetite for updating the brand design. Look for the results on store shelves later this year.

Up. Down. All around.

The Sacred Amber from Brutal Brewing is high in flavor, low in alcohol content, and will soon be found on grocery stores shelves around Sweden. Neumeister designed labels and packaging for this limited edition, amber-tinted lager. It’s the first edition of the Session Series beers that Brutal Brewing is bringing to market during 2015. Fittingly, the design captures the excitement of finding a sacred piece of amber in a dark cave – one that could be hundreds of millions of years old.

A taste for busy beople

Today, more and more people are on the lookout for ways to juggle a full schedule and watch what they eat at the same time. Neumeister is helping bring attention to the benefits that Friggs mini rice cakes have in store. The design strategy highlights the nutritional content for flavors including pizza, cheese, natural and natural with dark chocolate. Available in snack packs and mini bags, this gives consumers tasty choices to munch on between meetings at work or while on-the-go with their children.

Cloetta godisfavoriter

Multiply 170 products times 650 Coop convenience and grocery stores in Sweden, and what do you get? One, unequalled, brand identity program that Neumeister has created for Cloetta bulk candy. Under the concept name, “Godisfavoriter”, which the agency developed, visually descriptive labels for each product combine to form a comprehensive, eye-catching point-of-sale display. This makes it easy for consumers to pick and mix their favorite candy from Cloetta, as well as competitors, at a glance.

A star of stage, screen and scheduling

Now appearing daily in the role of Neumeister’s newest production manager, Bethina Byström has produced and arranged folk festivals, concerts and outdoor cinemas, as well as campaigns for advertising agencies. With experience from her hometown of Malmö, plus Helsingborg and Copenhagen, Bethina has recently begun putting her passion for solving problems in a timely, orderly fashion to work for the clients we serve from our office in Skåne.

Already looking forward to summer

During the dark, short days of winter, it’s only natural that people across Scandinavia begin longing for sunnier, warmer weather. Those who make Läkerol Classic pastilles are no different, and they’ve put their talents to work developing another flavor that conjures up images of summer. New Läkerol Strawberry Lime follows in line with Raspberry Lemon pastilles that were launched earlier this year and have already become a top-seller. Neumeister is proud to have designed the packaging for both, and we can’t wait to sink our teeth into the next new flavor.

Opposites that attract more sales

It’s sweet. It’s salty. It’s both at the same time. Now, with a new Salty Caramel taste, both frequent and occasional consumers of Läkerol Classic pastilles have another mouth-watering reason to purchase this iconic Swedish brand. Best known for its range of licorice-infused flavors, Salty Carmel adds yet another twist to the Läkerol line-up. Neumeister designed the packaging for the new addition which is now available in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Läkerol Classic

Leading brands can’t maintain their front-running status by resting on past successes. As the best-selling line of pastilles in the Nordics, Läkerol Classic has achieved an enviable level of brand loyalty. In order to appeal to an established customer base and attract a new generation of consumers, Neumeister updated the Läkerol identity and package design that maintained the brand’s familiar appearance. This look will also encompass new products and line extensions as they are added.

Happy new flavor

As one year comes to a close, and another is about to begin, Loka is introducing a refreshing addition to its lineup of sparkling flavored water. Two traditional Swedish favorites, blueberry and raspberry, have been blended to satisfy the thirst consumers have for something different. Look for it on convenience and grocery store shelves beginning in January 2015.

A taste for cold weather

In order to help keep interest up for chilled cider when temperatures drop during the winter, Spendrups has introduced a new flavor – Candy Apple – to its Briska brand line-up. Neumeister developed the name and label design to reinforce the Briska image that younger adults are already familiar with. Stay tuned to see what other flavors might appear in the market when the weather gets warmer again.