Time flies. So will the imperial black lager.

Welcome to a flight of limited edition beers from Brutal Brewing that will be rotating on tap in selected bars and restaurants across Sweden. The Imperial Black Lager is now available from Week 7. Just look for the tap handle cover featuring a black raven wearing a crown. Designed by Neumeister, this majestic bird symbolizes the flavor you’ll experience from a 7.4% lager that’s brewed from a blend of Galaxy, Polaris and Magnum hops. But don’t wait. This beer will be here and gone before too long.

The läkerol world tour continues

Every year, more than 400,000 Swedes travel to Thailand, often during the coldest months of the year. To help keep vacation memories fresh all summer long, Läkerol is launching two new limited edition flavors of their classic pastilles. Neumeister has created Thailand-themed designs for refreshing Ginger Lime and Licorice with Chili packages. This follows the success of the Läkerol Classic Africa, Brazil and Caribbean limited editions. Taking their direction from signs in Thailand, the pastilles are identified in both English and Thai on packages in stores across Sweden.

Cloetta dentafresh

Consumers reaching for packages of Läkerol pastilles from Cloetta as they queue up in checkout lines is a familiar sight in the Nordics. Now, Neumeister is leveraging this strong name recognition as Cloetta enters a new product category. Containing twice as much Xylitol as competing brands, color-coded packaging for Läkerol DentaFresh highlights its benefits as a supplement to daily oral hygiene. Available in five flavors, the lozenges are being launched in Denmark, Norway and Sweden during Q1 of 2015.

A new shot of rum

Seizing market share by introducing new products that overthrow the status quo is a trademark of Enjoy Wine & Spirits. And the original brand identities created by Neumeister are helping the Swedish importer and producer succeed. The Brand New Republique is the latest example. Neumeister created the name and graphics for this edgy coconut and pineapple flavored rum. Designed to appeal to young women, it’s Enjoy Wine & Spirits first shot at capturing sales in this category. But it won’t be the last. Stay tuned for a case study that will tell more of the story.

Nuts about saturdays.

Picking and mixing bags of goodies to be enjoyed at home on Saturday night is a Swedish tradition. Now, Cloetta is adding a healthy dose of more than 45 nuts and dried fruits to choose from in about 650 Coop grocery locations across the country. Neumeister has created a brand identity program that easily identifies the new, natural varieties of snacks. If this sounds good to you, just raise your hand, grab a scoop and fill your bags.

An exercise in design consistency

Friggs is a company known throughout Sweden for the healthy benefits its products provide. But while each of the flavors of rice cakes, supplements and teas have strong consumer appeal, the overall brand lacked a cohesive look. To help individual packages support the entire Friggs line, Neumeister created a graphic identity program that’s clear, consistent and more modern in appearance. To see it for yourself, look for new Cheddar and Taco rice cakes on stores shelves in early March.

Attitude is everything

Designing brand identity programs and graphics for packaging is a visual profession. But the inspiration to create something unique can come in many forms. Such as the lecture Kjell Dahlin delivered at Neumeister in Stockholm on February 13. Drawing on years of experience in human resources management, marketing and sales, Dahlin presented an attitude survey that mixed warmth and humor to help our team instill a positive attitude into routines to improve our work. Talk about inspiring.

The latest wave from Brutal Brewing

Beer drinkers with a preference for full-flavored IPAs now have a new brew to satisfy their thirst. Thanks to the brewery workshop at Spendrups, Ship Full of IPA will be sailing into selected restaurants across Sweden by the bottle and on tap, or by order through Systembolaget. Neumeister designed graphics for this 5,8% ale as a tribute to the beer’s origin. Brewed with Amarillo, Cascade and Galaxy hops, Ship Full of IPA has hints of citrus and grapefruit. The result is a blend of tradition with a modern twist.

Breaking news

In any business, all new employees have a breaking in period. But Neumeister’s newest designer, Jin Fujiwara, seems to have taken that concept literally. During his first week on the job at our Malmö office, Jin accidently broke a balcony window. Originally from Okayama, Japan, then by way of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, his experience includes work for clients including Carlsberg, Pernod Ricard and other leading brands. All kidding aside, we’re happy Jin is safely settling in.

An expanding Pistonhead menu

Now, in addition to their availability in Sweden’s Systembolaget, you’ll be able to order two new members of the trailblazing Pistonhead brand in pubs and restaurants across the country. If your taste runs to lighter tasting brews, order up a Pistonhead Kustom Lager. For those who prefer a darker beer with a bit more body, try Pistonhead Full Amber. Either way, with a growing selection of products, this cult classic is bound to have what you need.