So lovely

Once again we’re the talk of the town in Blog City! This time it’s “” that has a special on Vitamin Well.

Erika receives the Prince Eugen Medal

The man of the hour, King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden, has decided to honor Erika Lagerbielke for her artistic achievements. We at Neumeister say: congratulations!, and look forward to new inspiring projects in the near future – just like “Divine” from Orrefors that we had the pleasure of conceptualizing.

iStone is rolling!

This week iStone – consultants in information logistics – will release their new corporate brand platform developed by Neumeister.

Durum toast launched

Yes, it’s ready to jump out of your toaster. This new, delicious, golden-yellow sliced toast is made from durum wheat and gives your breakfast that little extra something we all need to get going in the morning. Not to mention the design by Neumeister.

Founders Alliance has a new profile

This week Founders Alliance the #1 forum to inspire experienced entrepreneurship with some of the top venture capitalists in Scandinavia as members released their new visual identity. The first step in our collaboration.

Aloha, once again, Gustav!

Yes, he’s here to stay.  We hired this charming and very talented man.

Do not forget to watch Stockholm Open!

And if you’re not into tennis, please enjoy our design of the fridge and the bottles the players are drinking from, with spring water from Vitamin Well – head sponsor of the tournament.

That touch of taste

The new packaging concept for the bouillon we all like to use when trying to give our cooking that extra something, is out now. Campbells’ Touch of Taste has been given a rigorous update and easy-to-read symbols. And dare we say it? A more striking appearance.

“Neumeister developed a fresher design and a vitalized logo. One year after the launch of the new design, sales has increased with 10% and Bong has kept the market leading position.”
Ann Lindh Klang, Brand Manager, Campbell Soup

Neumeister in the blogosphere

Peaches and antioxidants

So here it is; the new function and flavor from the Swedish success company in functional drinks – Vitamin Well. This one is all about creating antioxidants, and as Peaches contain plenty of antioxidants as well as other nutrients, the choice of taste was a natural one. Design by Neumeister.

Vitamin Well is better than well

Every month Vitamin Well is breaking new sales records. A true success story and we’re naturally very proud to be a part of it with our design.

Restful design

Hwila, natural mineral water from Vimmerby, Sweden, has been redesigned by Neumeister. Pure and rigorous, easy to apply on either cans, glass or PET-bottles; sparkling or non-sparkling. Out now.

Big in… China

Right in time for Expo 2010 Shanghai, there’s an interesting 14 page [sic!] article on Neumeister in the Chinese design magazine “Package & Design”. For some reason they seemed extremely attracted to our work with Barracuda – the Caribbean rum. And can you blame them, really?

Love is Divine

Congratulations Victoria and Daniel! Last Sunday the Swedish Royal Wedding Couple received the official gift from the Swedish People — an elegant set of glasses from Orrefors.
The retail version of the set, also designed by Erika Lagerbielke, is called “Divine” and available in stores now. Design and communication concept by Neumeister.

Now we’re ready for the World Cup

The perfect accessory for every chic couch potato has arrived: crisps especially developed by Estrella to match the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa! Chakalaka is named after that typical Cape Town seasoning that you can experience throughout South Africa and the design is by Neumeister.

Caribbean vibes

Barracuda, the traditional rum from Vin & Sprit, has been re-designed by Neumeister. With its playful, almost Caribbean attitude it’s the kind of bottle you might be able to find somewhere on the islands in a no-nonsense, beachside bar – at least in our dreams.

Two grand awards in New York!

Neumeister was awarded two Silver Pencils at the 2010 One Show Design Awards in New York. Both awards were given to Gyttorp in the categories: “Branding/Logo/Trademark Design” and “Package Design”. Download press release

A sensory expression

With Orrefors’s “Difference”, the character of every drink achieves its own expression: there is one for every flavour and aroma. In this concept the glass designer is working together with a well-known sensory expert, which has resulted in a new suite of glasses for beer; Pils, Ale and Porter. All wrapped in design made by Neumeister.

Skogaholm is!

That legendary Swedish loaf, the Skogaholmslimpan, has undergone a mutation. Skogaholmisar are very similar to there famous ancestor, but more practical. Be sure to bring some on that romantic spring picnic that you´ve been planning! Design by Neumeister. Out now.

Turkeys from Croatia

Puris, a Croatian food company famous for their delicious turkeys gets a new packaging concept – designed by us.