A book in the making

Our secret footage proves that space invaders do exist.

An iconic presentation

At Luxe Pack 2018 in Los Angeles, our founder Peter Neumeister shared his thoughts on the power of iconic packaging.

Quenching our thirst for organic design

Featuring a graphic identity by Neumeister, Mellerud’s Paradpilsner is now available at Systembolaget locations throughout Sweden. In addition to the clean, inviting design, we’re also glad to say that we named this ecological brew, too.

Seventh in a historic series

Introducing Emmer Porter, the seventh edition of Mariestad’s limited series of handcrafted beers. The brew is a tribute to the culture, unique tastes and traditions of the island of Gotland. Neumeister created the design for the hand applied labels and packaging of this signature flavor.

Oh! Look at O’Learys now!

While honoring Boston’s legendary sports culture, the new identity for O’Learys by Neumeister is designed to energize the brand on every level. Read more about the project here: http//www.resume.se/nyheter/artiklar/2017/12/11/olearys-far-nytt-utseende-i–den-nya-strategin-for-varumarket

WOLDA Winners

Happy to announce that we won 6 awards in the Wolda Competition 2017. BOOM!

Spread the word

Now there’s another way to keep up with the Neumeister team. Look for us on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/neumeisterdesign/

In tune with Christmas

Just in time for the holidays, here comes Pistonhead Christmas Carol. Unlike years gone by when it was sold in bottles, this dark holiday lager has a new design and is now available in cans at Systembolaget.

Finn is in

In Malmö, our team continues to expand to meet the needs of our clients. Which brings Finn Eskelin Milton into the picture. Please join us in welcoming our new designer trainee to the Neumeister team.

Neumeister’s new British accent

After 20 years in London, first as a student, then art director and graphic designer, Matilda Saxow has returned to her native Sweden. Matilda joined Neumeister in Stockholm as Design Director on October 30. Blimey!