1. Another Peter With Designs on Malmö

    Neumeister welcomes the newest addition to the Malmö office – Peter Wallentin. The 30-year-old designer has earned not one, but two, bachelor’s degrees. Peter was awarded the first, a BA in Film Studies, and the second in Graphic […]

  2. IPA Lovers – Your Ship Has Come In

    The last, but certainly not least, Brutal Brewing Rotating Tap of 2015 has arrived – the Lit Up Black IPA. This limited edition is basically a traditional India Pale Ale, but one with a very surprising twist. Black […]

  3. Creating a Family Resemblance for Friggs

    As the health food category has expanded over the years, so have the products that Friggs has brought to market. However, as new varieties of rice cakes, types of teas, juices and dietary supplements were introduced at different […]

  4. Clearly – A New Tradition

    Since 1641, Grythyttan has been well-known as being one of the premier places in Sweden to satisfy your appetite for good food and quench your thirst, too. Drawing on this rich tradition, Neumeister has redesigned the classic brand, […]

  5. Twice as Proud – Thanks to You

    Every year, less than one-half of one percent of all Swedish companies are recognized on the Gazelle list as the country’s fastest growing firms. Last fall, Neumeister was proud to have its name added for the first time, […]

  6. Wishing You a Clementin Christmas

    For more than 40 years, Cloetta’s Original flavored Juleskum have become one of the most popular holiday goodies for families across Sweden and beyond. In 2015, for the fifth season in a row, the tradition of sharing this […]

  7. A Special Toast To Christmas

    As the holiday season approaches, the brewmasters at Brutal Brewing have gotten into the spirit by introducing the latest offering in their limited edition Session series. The Toasted Christmas Lager is a mahogany tinted beer that greets your […]

  8. A Head Start for Safer Cycling

    As the world’s first airbag helmet for bicyclists, Hövding has significantly raised global safety standards, and won a trophy case of design awards in the process. Developed by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin in 2005 as young design […]

  9. A Market Leader: Beyond A Shred Of Doubt

    As one of the first players in the shredded cheese category, Arla has remained one of the best selling brands in the dairy section of grocery stores across Sweden. But as sales across the category have declined, creating […]

  10. Award-Winning, Cutting-Edge Design

    The votes have been counted and Neumeister is extremely proud to announce that it has won a Silver diploma in the 2015 Svenska Designpriset competition. Neumeister has been recognized in this prestigious contest for the graphic identity the […]