A fashionable new hire

With experience from Gina Tricot and H&M, Viktoria Sörqvist began her marketing career at some of Sweden’s best-known brands before joining our Malmö office. Please join us in welcoming our new production manager.

A SMASHing introduction

What does SMASH stand for? Neumeister knows, and wants to teach you all about it with this happy yellow design. Let’s say it together – Single Malt And Single Hop. Available for a limited time now. Peace out!

Fresh from Brutal Brewing

After launching Raw Law from Brutal Brewing last year, a new Raspberry Weissbock flavor has now been added to the line. You can recognize it by the beautiful raspberry colored label designed by Neumeister.

Neumeister scores O’Learys

Since first opening in Gothenburg in 1988, O’Learys has grown to about 120 franchised sports bar restaurants in 12 countries. Now, Neumeister is on the team to update the brand’s identity and marketing toolbox.

Mondays aren’t so bad – It’s your job that sucks!

A new blank sheet of paper or computer screen. Everything is possible. Now we are looking for a production manager who always strives to deliver above and beyond what’s expected. A challenger and a problem solver. A person who’s as equally engaged as we are. Someone who wants to create something new. Read more…

A new mouthwatering mix

Just in time for summer, a new variety of Gott & Blandat goodies from Cloetta includes a taste of Cola. This complements the tropical mix of lemon, lime, watermelon and other refreshing flavors in the package.

In the creative core of the Big Apple

From June 7 – 9, creative professionals from around the world shared their ideas for shaping the future at the 99U Conference in NYC. Our own Calle Larsson was there, both adding and gathering inspiration.

Bringing the heat to Norway

With a name like Chili Blonde Belgian Ale, the graphic design for this new beer from Hansa have to be just as hot. With a bite of chili, the new brew is set to heat up the Norwegian market in 2017.

Only the best for Beskows

Created for those who savor fine dining experiences, two varieties of non-alcoholic VY from Beskows are now available. Neumeister has developed a full menu of items for its graphic identity program.

An elegant look to match a quality taste

While it’s already one of Norway’s most popular beers, there’s always room to grow. To help expand the appeal of Hansa Borg Fatöl, Neumeister was commissioned to give the brew a more elegant appearance.

Ready to roll into grocery stores

After years of launching new Pistonhead brews in Systembolaget, Spendrups is shifting gears. Now, Flat Tire will be the first Pistonhead available in 3.5% and Non-Alcoholic varieties in grocery stores, too.

From Logic to Magic

Innovative brand designs don’t just appear out of thin air. During Plastteknik Nordic 2017 in Malmö, Calle Larsson from Neumeister explained how a strong strategy connects to producing strong design concepts.

Multiple choice answers

Cloetta just made it easier for consumers who have a tough time choosing which flavor of YUP sugarfree pastilles to buy. Bags with both Salty Caramel & Salmiak, and Sour Peach & Strawberry Lime, are now in stores.

Ask for the Pistonhead shine

Previously only available in 33cl bottles in restaurants, the award-winning Pistonhead Full Amber Lager is finally available through Systembolaget in Sweden. The shiny copper colored cans can be ordered now.

Hot fun in the summertime

Ahlgrens Bilar has long been one of Sweden’s most iconic sweets. Now the green, pink and white car-shaped candy includes a larger model for grilling. Grillbilar are already driving thoughts of summer.

Sold Out: The Shortest Horror Story Ever Told

On May 11, agency founder Peter Neumeister shared what it takes to develop a successful luxury brand in the wine and spirits industry. His ironic presentation took place at Luxe Pack 2017 in New York City.

Our type of graphic designer

The newest addition to our Malmö office, Niklas Brunner, brings an especially keen interest in typography to work. He creates his own fonts and customizes others, which fits our clients’ needs to the letter.

Waves of fun

When summer arrives in Norway, Hansa Borg will be ready to help its customers enjoy it. A fresh update of the beer can’s design makes it easy to imagine the fun that awaits in the warm weather months ahead.

Heim Sweet Heim

Heimstaden is one of the largest developers and owners of rental property in the Nordics. Now, a distinctive new logo and brand identity program highlights the professionalism, innovation and caring it provides.

An instant classic

The Läkerol Classic range of pastilles now includes a new flavor combo for the Norwegian market. Blackberry Licorice features the distinctive Läkerol look designed by Neumeister for Cloetta in Norway.