A Beer Among Friends

A Beer Among Friends

Even though they’re more than an ocean apart, Brutal Brewing in Sweden, and Hilliard’s Beer from Seattle, Washington, have developed a close working friendship. And the Atlantic Trade IPW they’ve brewed together brings out the best in both breweries. Hilliards supplied American Cascade and Mosiac hops. Brutal Brewing, wheat malt. And both breweries contributed their own unique strains of yeast. As a result, the collaboration has produced a well-balanced India Pale Weisse. Neumeister created the graphics for this latest limited edition from Brutal Brewing, which is only on tap at selected bars and restaurants from July 4.


I’m not Turkish, I’m Greek

First came Turkisk Yoghurt. Now it’s Grekisk Yoghurt’s turn. Alternative: As the rollout of the Arla Köket line of dairy products continues, the second of about 80 packages featuring newly designed graphics by Neumeister is now available in Swedish grocery stores. Grekisk Yoghurt is easily identified featuring an illustration of an iconic Greek seaside village. The image of blue water and white-washed buildings clinging to the seashore set the stage for the flavor inside the container. And the Arla Köket logo at the top of the label provides an assurance of great taste and high quality for consumers.


The Max To Neumeister This Summer

After migrating south from the heart of Sweden in Dalarna to Malmö, Sweden’s largest city in Skåne, 27-year-old Maximilian Romlin has spent the past six years coding websites. Which should provide maximum benefits for Neumeister, because we’re fortunate to have him working on our website over the summer. Max, a self-described problem solver, will be organizing the content and navigation of our online presence, while most Swedes will be relaxing offline while they’re on holiday.


Tying Malaco to the World’s Favorite Soda

When Saturday evening approaches each week in Sweden, people of all ages shop for goodies and soft drinks to help them relax and unwind with their family and friends. Now, Malaco is tying into the popularity of both purchases by introducing Cola flavored Snören (Cords). Cola Snören will appear in stores at the beginning of summer. Neumeister has created a package design that makes it easy to spot the new flavor, while keeping elements of Malaco’s familiar brand image in place.


Fruit That Doesn’t Blend In

With the introduction of ‘Fruit Salad’ to its Gott & Blandat line of packaged goodies, Malaco is giving consumers even more reasons to look forward to the weekend. The new mixture contains a blend of sweet and sour flavored fruit-shaped goodies – some familiar, some new – in a bright yellow package designed by Neumeister that clearly stands apart in a store full of competitors. Look for it in stores later this spring.


A+ Advice for Life After School

Helping graphic design students prepare for professional careers once their classes are over is something Peter Neumeister has been actively involved with on many occasions over the past couple of years. Recently, during a return visit to Malmö Högskolan, Peter shared insights on how to apply lessons from the classroom that will make the grade with packaging, corporate identity programs and other projects for advertising and design agencies or companies that students are hoping to join after graduation.


Three Cheers for our Pentawards Nomination

Celebrating its 10th year of existence in 2016, the Pentawards are recognized as the most prestigious worldwide competition devoted to packaging design. Neumeister is proud to announce that our work for the range of three Mariestads Limited Edition brews: “Rökig kustlager”, “Ekfatslagrad” and “Kanalporter” has been nominated for consideration by the Pentawards international panel of 12 judges. The project for Mariestads included bottles that were labeled by hand, waxed, numbered and packaged in individually crafted wooden boxes. Here’s hoping we’ll be toasting a successful outcome during the awards ceremony in Shanghai, China this September.


A Community of Team Players

Through their play on the court, the Malbas basketball team has attracted players and fans from people of all backgrounds in Malmö, Sweden. Off the court, the team has formed “Helamalmö” (All of Malmö), an organization that’s actively engaged in activities and projects to create better conditions for children and young people throughout the community. Neumeister is proud to join Helamalmö by developing the graphic identity for Helamalmö, that will reflect the organization’s emphasis on exercise, integration and crime prevention.


Plopp’s Newest Look is a Real Natural

Now, people who love the taste of rhubarb just have to look for the latest variety of Plopp chocolate bars from Cloetta to satisfy their craving. That’s because the package design created by Neumeister takes its cues directly from the unmistakeable green and pink stalk of the rhubarb plant itself. And the surprising combination of the tangy-flavored filling covered in chocolate is sure to keep rhubarb lovers coming back for more.


Designing A Value Proposition for Arla Köket

Arla has long been recognized in Sweden for great tasting dairy products. Over time, as factors including healthy diets, easy recipes and prices have influenced sales, the brand has evolved by introducing new products and line extensions. Now, for Arla Köket, Neumeister has revitalized the sub-brand by developing a graphic design program that emphasizes high quality over lower prices offered by competitors. The first of around 80 new Arla Köket packages is for Turkish yoghurt, featuring colors and imagery that highlight the product’s origins and benefits for cooking, baking and preparing desserts.


A Live Report from Malmö

After working behind the scenes on television for several seasons in Sweden, Mikaela Lidmar has decided to channel her energy into a new position as a Production Manager in our Malmö office. Mikaela has appeared at TV4, Kanal 5/ Kanal 9 and Viacom as a Market Researcher, Strategic Planner, Program Manager and Media Manager. Please join us in welcoming her as she makes the transition from broadcast programs to brand development and graphic identity at Neumeister.

Clean Images for ads_Dcore woman Frida6_stor

A New Brand Strategy? No Sweat.

Dcore is a company that was born in the gym. The Swedish athletic apparel brand sells exercise clothing that allows athletes to focus on improving their performance. Now, Neumeister is pumping up Dcore’s brand strategy and identity by developing a flexible, long-term approach that will strengthen the company’s positioning and value proposition across all communication channels in all markets. Look for the new Dcore look soon in retailers and the brand’s online store, too.


Getting Schooled in New York City

At Neumeister, we’re always looking to learn about the latest design trends. And what better place to do so than in the city that never sleeps – New York City. So our entire staff took flight on “Kristi Himmelfärdshelgen”, the Swedish holiday, to take part in the design conference “99U”. In addition to the two-day conference, we visited art exhibitions, breweries, fast food restaurants, museums, stores, stores, and even more stores. We came back inspired, tired, and pretty much shopped out.


Ensuring Quality to the Max

Since first opening its doors in 1968, Max Hamburgers has grown to become Sweden’s oldest and most popular chain of hamburger restaurants. For more than 50 years, the company’s mantra for success has remained the same. “With the best ingredients, we will serve the tastiest hamburgers.” Neumeister has now been commissioned to help the hamburger chain maintain its status. New packaging is being developed to clearly communicate the high quality standards the company has set for itself, and the great taste customers have come to experience from Max.


A Strong Brew in Honor of Long Voyages

Cheers to Mariestads’ Brewmaster Richard Bengtsson for the fourth in a series of special brews honoring Sweden’s history. This time, it’s a barley wine aptly named “Ostindien Strong Ale”. Distinguished by complex malt flavors and hints of dried fruit, with 10% alcohol content, the brew honors those made to endure long voyages made by the fabled vessel Götheborg and other trading ships during the early 1700s. Like previous Mariestads special editions, Neumeister developed a comprehensive design program including the name and details such as hand-labeled and numbered wooden boxes, and bottlenecks dipped in wax


Too Much of a Good Thing? Never.

The launch of the 2016 edition of Loka Likes it just too much. Literally! With flavors that include Raspberry Frozen Yogurt, Mango Pannacotta, and the classic Swedish treat, “Chokladboll”, Neumeister created the concept of “Too Much”. The flavors are visualized with sparkling illustrations, topped both pearls and golden plates. Isn’t it also too much that Loka Likes doesn’t even contain sugar or artificial sweeteners? Yes, it is. And we like it.


It’s Time to Harvest the Mandarina!

The latest rotating tap beer from Brutal Brewing is now available, filled with Mandarina hops that are marked a fruity aroma. Mandarina is dry-hopped, and freshly roasted pilsner malts help produce a pleasant bitterness and add depth to the brew. With a design created by Neumeister featuring fruity and fresh colors, it’s easy to pick out Mandarina at a bar near you. Just like all Brutal Brewing rotating tap beers, it’s only available for a limited time and in a limited amount. After all, a brew like this doesn’t grow on trees.


Taste the Latest Twist from Supper

With locations in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Visby and Åre, the Supper family of restaurants is known for dishing up inventive meals inspired by the flavors of South America, and twisting them for Swedish tastes. Now, a beer crafted by Brutal Brewing with the same vision is being launched at Supper restaurants, and for order at Systembolaget. Scandinavia meets South America and gives you ¡Lo La!. What does it mean? Just ask the staff at your nearest Supper restaurant.


The Art of Professionalism

Each year, students pursuing their degrees at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts are able to learn from their professors, as well as archivists, composers, performance and visual artists, and researchers who serve as guest lecturers. Peter Neumeister addressed innovations in packaging design and the development of brands during a recent visit to the academy. The practical and technical aspects of Peter’s presentation was designed to help prepare students for their professional careers.


Mesh(ing) with Success

Planet Food began in 1999 with the idea of creating fast food that is both healthy and delicious. Following this recipe, Mesh, the company’s café located at Östermalm’s Market Hall in Stockholm, offers a menu of dishes that are loaded with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. Now, Neumeister has been commissioned to upgrade the brand identity for Mesh. The project includes a new logo, typeface and colors that that reflect the brand’s original approach to creating a unique, successful business.


History in the Re-Making

Back in the day in the UK, it was legal for factory workers to quench their thirsts by drinking low alcohol brews during sessions while they were on the clock. To honor this bygone era, Session Pale Ale from Brutal Brewing has now been launched. It’s the latest in the series of limited edition beers that have been introduced over the past year, so hurry up and step back in time. The shiny copper clock will lead your way to this tasty history lesson.


Neumeister Welcomes Pärsons

Over the years, Pärsons has become one of the most recognized brands of sliced sandwich meat in Sweden. Now, we would like to announce that they are also a new client for Neumeister. Our first assignment is developing new packaging that makes sure Pärsons’ brand promise and core values are clearly communicated throughout their product line. And as our relationship continues, we’ll be happy to work on more projects, too.


An All Natural Canned Presentation

It’s still carbonated. It still contains all natural ingredients without preservatives or artificial colors. The difference with Loka Crush from Spendrups now is that the satisfying, thirst-quenching beverage is about to be sold in cans, too. Three flavors, Raspberry, Pear and Orange, are soon available in “fridgepacks” containing 10 cans each. Neumeister worked with Rexam to transfer the design developed for PET bottles onto the new aluminum cans. Look for the result on store shelves – or order in casual restaurants.


Learning From Experience

Brobygrafiska in Sunne is widely recognized as one of the best academic programs in the Nordics for students interested in learning about graphic design, packaging and visual communications. Peter Neumeister recently lectured at the school to share insights on how to apply lessons from the classroom into a career as a professional designer. Peter discussed the latest innovations in packaging design with students, and offered advice on what to consider when looking for a job after graduation.


Thinking Inside the Box

It’s been a busy couple of months for everyone in the Neumeister Malmö and Stockholm offices. We recently moved to two new locations. At the same time, we’ve been adding more names to our roster of clients, and winning awards for the graphic design and brand identity programs we create. Now that we’re settled in, we’d like to thank everyone who has been with us before, during and after our moves. And we’d like to say hello to anyone who is interested in learning how much business intelligence, creativity and passion we can pack into work we’d like to do for you.


Positioning Heimstaden as a Nordic Leader

With 19 residential real estate offices, and more than 150 employees, Heimstaden is one of Sweden’s largest residential real estate firms. The company owns, renovates and manages properties with a focus on rental units, as well as commercial premises and shopping centers. In addition to locations in Sweden, Heimstaden also owns condominiums in Copenhagen. Now, Neumeister is developing a brand strategy and identity program to help the firm realize its vision of becoming the leading owner and developer of rental housing in the Nordics.


N’1CE and Clear Branding

It’s been clear since they were introduced, N1CE frozen cocktails developed by award-winning bartender Jimmy Dymott and superstar producer Sebastian Ingrosso have been a hit. However, a graphic design program was needed that is as attractive to N1CE consumers as the drinks are themselves. Neumeister has done just that. The new packaging provides better differentiation between the various flavors of frozen cocktails, with a design inspired by the colors of night club dance floors – where N1CE has a loyal following.


Spring a New Flavor on Your Taste Buds

As winter turns to spring, and the days get longer and warmer, everything it seems, begins to grow. Including the variety of flavors Loka Crush offers to satisfy your thirst. Introducing Apelsin flavored Loka Crush. Keeping in line with the design Neumeister created for the entire family of naturally carbonated fruit-flavored drinks, Loka Crush Apelsin is a welcome addition. Look for it on store shelves across Sweden now.


Positioning Hövding Top Of Mind

In just a few short years, Hövding developed from a college thesis written with an “anything is possible” mindset, to being the safest form of head protection available anywhere for urban bicyclists. Now, Neumeister has created a brand strategy and identity program that communicates the many unique features and benefits of the world’s first air bag helmet. The new brand look and strategy is designed to make an immediate, positive impact and is just launched this month.


Non-Stop Molly? Not Anymore.

It seems as though designer Molly Mellström was so moved by an offer to join our Neumeister team in Malmö, that she actually stopped moving for what we hope will be a very long time. Originally from Stockholm, Molly first went to Sunne to study packaging design at Brobygrafiska. From there, she relocated back to her hometown, before moving on to Copenhagen and Malmö where Molly worked as a graphic designer for Lighthouse, a nonprofit aid organization. She then travelled to the Greek island of Lesbos to create maps for refugees and volunteers before returning to Sweden and joining us. Welcome, Molly.


Quickly Shaping up Mealtime at Home

As couples and families look for new ways to enjoy tasty meals that are quick and easy to prepare, Arla is expanding its Kelda line of ready-made solutions. Neumeister has developed designs for 380g jars of sauces that will serve as the base for chicken or minced beef stews. Flavors include Balsamic & Roasted Garlic, Creamy Tomato & Tarragon, and Mild Masala for Chicken. Variants for Minced Beef stews include Bolognaise, Chili and Taco flavors. The labels also offer inspiring tips that support Kelda’s goal of making meals at home an easy, fun and healthy experience.


It’s Official: Haug is in the House

As a freelance designer, Jan Haug has worked on a wide range of assignments for Neumeister over the past year. The experience has gone so well for him, as well as the co-workers and clients he’s worked with, the next logical step was to add Jan full-time to our staff. Which we have. With a portfolio of assignments for brands including Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, Cloetta and OLW at design studios in Stockholm, London and Lausanne, please join us in welcoming Jan to Neumeister.