1. Diving into Summer with Läkerol

    There’s nothing like getting an early taste of summer, especially during the coldest, darkest days of winter in Sweden. Läkerol is making it easy to do just that by introducing the latest edition of its line of popular […]

  2. Looking Forward to a Fantastic Season

    During every home game that MFF, Malmö’s football team, plays at Swedbank Stadium this season, Neumeister will be right there with them. Now that we’re located one of our offices in Skåne’s largest city, we’ve reserved “Club Chair” […]

  3. Life’s Balancing Act

    Since 1958, KESO® from Arla has been the leading brand of cottage cheese in Sweden. It quickly became popular among the health conscious crowd – and what you eat is just as important today as back then. Neumeister’s […]

  4. Welcome To Our New Workplace

    On February 5, after a long and thorough search, the Neumeister staff in Stockholm will be moving to Riddargatan 30. Originally a factory, we think our new location will be an ideal place to create graphic identity and […]

  5. Now Landing at Neumeister

    Although he’s only on the first leg of his professional journey as a designer, our new intern in Stockholm already has a world of experience as a traveller. From his hometown of Löddeköpinge in Skåne, Tobias Möller has […]

  6. An Epic Voyage Continues

    In honor of Ostindiefararen – Götheborg, the ship that first established trade between Sweden and Asia in the early 1700s, Mariestads Bryggeri is launching Rökig Kustlager. The recipe for this handcrafted, limited edition “rauchbier” created by Brewmaster Richard […]

  7. A Strategic Process That’s Three Times as N’1CE

    Earlier this year, the N’1CE Company Ltd. tapped Neumeister to develop a brand strategy to boost awareness for its line of innovative frozen cocktail popsicles. Now, by implementing the Revision, Evolution, Revolution approach that has proven successful for […]

  8. Wide Open in Malmö

    Now that we’re all unpacked and settled into our new Malmö office. We’re sharing the work and philosophy Neumeister is proud of and making sure the people responsible for doing so are as visible as possible. Through our […]

  9. Branding With a Passion

    What would life be without passion? Fortunately, thanks to Loka from Spendrups, we may not have to answer that question. Introducing new Loka Passionsfrukt Citron. This year’s addition to the Loka lineup of carbonated waters is available just […]

  10. Updating an Iconic 80-year-old Brand

    Since 1935, when Chapman Bror Carlsson first began selling handwoven baskets, brushes, and ladders from a flatbed truck to farmers near Össjö, Sweden, Brafab has remained family owned and grown to become a wholesale leader in outdoor furniture […]