1. Bilar Revs Up Its Appeal

    “Sweden’s Tastiest Car” is shifting gears with a new marketing campaign from week 38 through 46. In addition to the iconic “Original” packaging, a series of eight “Raggarbilar” packages will soon appear in stores. On the outside, each [...]

  2. East Meets West in Historic Fashion

    It’s true that inspiration comes in many forms. Invitations and menus Neumeister has designed as part of a visual identity assignment for the Ling Long Story Hotel restaurant in Stockholm are proof of that. Featuring a mix of [...]

  3. A Smart Development for Skånetrafiken

    Commuting by bus in Skåne is getting easier and smarter all of the time. Now, a new smartphone App, developed to work with Android mobile phones and iPhones, is being implemented to replace SMS tickets on public transportation [...]

  4. Rising and Shining for Skånetrafiken

    As part of Neumeister’s ongoing design work with Skånetrafiken in southern Sweden, the latest project required a solution for extending the brand concept on new double decker busses. The upper deck provides additional seating and better views for [...]

  5. A Solid Foundation To Support Artistic Change

    Since its launch as a now iconic brand of quality brews, Pistonhead has attracted, among others, a loyal following of artists. Now, in order to help support the very same crowds that have given Pistonhead their love, Neumeister [...]

  6. A shining example of teamwork

    Since 1975, the Malbas basketball club in Malmö, Sweden has united people from different economic classes, ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs. Despite all of their differences, an undying love of basketball and team-first attitude has kept Malbas together. [...]

  7. Eclipsing One Seasonal Brew With Another

    As Brutal Brewing’s Limited Edition beers continue to rotate on draught at selected bars and restaurants in Sweden, The Sunny Saison will soon take its place on menus. With its roots in Belgium, “saison” (French for season) beer [...]

  8. A Lecture in Hire Education

    As graphic design students at Malmö University recently heard from Peter Neumeister and designer Victor Nilsson, it takes more than talent to have a successful career. Especially during the first year’s as a professional. As Peter and Victor [...]

  9. Designed to Break Through

    As a relative newcomer to the market, even though Power Break easily passes the taste test once consumers bite into a bar, competing for sales against long-established brands such as Mars and Plopp has been challenging. So when [...]