Words of encouragement

We’ve designed 25 g bars of Kexchoklad as a sweet reward ‘cause you deserve a treat for your accomplishments.

Always in our hearts

We’re promoting “Malmö, I Love You” ‘cause bringing everyone closer together makes our city and world better.

Updating an original

We popped Trocadero’s iconic umbrella back on the label ‘cause it took us back to our childhood.

It’s all about 1 and 0

For Diabol, a software developer that helps customers leap ahead, we produced a brand identity using simple binary code elements.

Shout it out from Stockholm’s most beautiful view

This weekend our latest project, Stockholm under stjärnorna, opened at Brunkebergstorg.

Stirring up the market

Neumeister has created sparkling new personalities for Hansa Borg Club Soda, Russian and Tonic Water that definitely don’t get mixed up in the crowd.

Creating a stronger Norrland soul

One of Sweden’s most appreciated brews, Norrlands Guld, has a new design. Carefully refined not to lose any loyal consumers, while also aiming to recruit new ones.

Read more about the project at CAP&Design.

Congratulations to the talented duo Patrik Löf and Daniel Tung on the launch of Löf & Tung

We’re proud of creating the identity of this premium shoe brand. Photo cred: Jamie Ferguson.

Happy licorice day!

We’re very pleased to work with Malaco and Djungelvrål on a day like this!

Next Stop, Next Generation

Today is the launch of the new Öresundståg. Get on board to experience the interior, exterior and graphic identity program designed by Neumeister.