WOLDA Winners

Happy to announce that we won 6 awards in the Wolda Competition 2017. BOOM!

Bottling up a Christmas tradition

Nygårda is rolling out a classic Julmust with a twist. After being stored for six months in cognac barrels, this limited edition beverage is now available in 75 cl bottles at Systembolaget.

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In tune with Christmas

Just in time for the holidays, here comes Pistonhead Christmas Carol. Unlike years gone by when it was sold in bottles, this dark holiday lager has a new design and is now available in cans at Systembolaget.

A new look for Norway’s largest brewer

Norway’s largest brewer is making strategic changes. Key to this is a re-design of Hansa´s entire range of beer by Neumeister, including new labels for 24 beers and over 80 packages. Now that deserves a toast.

The latest law of nature

Since its introduction, the limited edition series of Raw Law beer has grown with exciting flavor combinations. Brewed with all-natural ingredients, and stored in barrels originally used for rum, new Pineapple Wheat Beer is now available at Systembolaget.

Presenting a blend of Christmas traditions

With their deep red color and slightly sour flavor, lingon berries are a hallmark of holiday decorations and dishes in Sweden. Now, with Juleskum Lingon, Christmas can’t be far from getting here.

Finn is in

In Malmö, our team continues to expand to meet the needs of our clients. Which brings Finn Eskelin Milton into the picture. Please join us in welcoming our new designer trainee to the Neumeister team.

Inspired in Denmark

Early in November, Neumeister team members travelled to Aarhus, Denmark to attend Creativity World Forum 2017. After keynote sessions with inspiring speakers during the day, networking was on the menu for dinners in the evening.

Neumeister’s new British accent

After 20 years in London, first as a student, then art director and graphic designer, Matilda Saxow has returned to her native Sweden. Matilda joined Neumeister in Stockholm as Design Director on October 30. Blimey!

Welcome to our nightmare

The comedic short film, Papyrus, puts graphic design in the spotlight as actor Ryan Gosling portrays a man possessed with what he believes is a historically horrible font choice for the well-known movie, Avatar. Play it here http://www.metatube.com/en/videos/360785/SNL-Papyrus/

No reservations about Helene

After working in the hotel industry in Copenhagen for six years, Helene Tullberg studied to become an event coordinator. Now, Neumeister has made room for her as a production manager in our Malmö office. Welcome, Helene.

Unboxing experience to improve customer loyalty

On October 24, at the STHLM E-Pack & Logistics trade show, Creative Director Peter Neumeister joined a panel to present the value of packaging as a sales tool. This is especially important as e-commerce increases.

Center of attention

Center by Cloetta has long been one of Sweden’s best-loved chocolates. Now, by introducing new Cappuccino flavor, the product line is being extended. And it’s all rolled up in packaging designed by Neumeister.

Mondays aren’t so bad – It’s your job that sucks!

A new blank sheet of paper or computer screen. Everything is possible. Now we are looking for a production manager who always strives to deliver above and beyond what’s expected. A challenger and a problem solver. A person who’s as equally engaged as we are. Someone who wants to create something new. Read more…

Twice as sweet

Launched in 1949, Plopp has been satisfying sweet tooths for generations. Now, Salty Caramel and Polka flavors are ready to join the Plopp line-up, and put a smile on the lips of consumers across Sweden.

Gone fishin’

Pärsons is trying to hook consumers who want more variety in the sandwiches they make. Look for hot-roasted rainbow salmon and light-roasted salmon Pärsons Sea Slices in packaging designed by Neumeister.

Hop in before it’s too late

Unlike the mystical cats that identify Brutal Brewing’s latest limited edition tap beer, Ruby Hop doesn’t have nine lives. So you’ll have to try this red wheat beer before the next new offering rotates in.

Aabsolutely finntastic

Last week, our love for Finnish design took us to Helsinki Design Week. We gathered inspiration from products ranging from Alvar Aalto chairs to Fiskars scissors, and exchanged ideas with a fellow design agency, too.

Can’t help falling in love

Inspired by Sir Isaac Newton and the apple that fell from the tree, Ginger Beer from Gravity by Grevens is hitting store shelves across Norway in 33 cl cans. It’s light, slightly dry taste won’t let you down.