1. An Exercise in Design Consistency

    Friggs is a company known throughout Sweden for the healthy benefits its products provide. But while each of the flavors of rice cakes, supplements and teas have strong consumer appeal, the overall brand lacked a cohesive look. To [...]

  2. Attitude is Everything

    Designing brand identity programs and graphics for packaging is a visual profession. But the inspiration to create something unique can come in many forms. Such as the lecture Kjell Dahlin delivered at Neumeister in Stockholm on February 13. [...]

  3. The Latest Wave from Brutal Brewing

    Beer drinkers with a preference for full-flavored IPAs now have a new brew to satisfy their thirst. Thanks to the brewery workshop at Spendrups, Ship Full of IPA will be sailing into selected restaurants across Sweden by the [...]

  4. Breaking News

    In any business, all new employees have a breaking in period. But Neumeister’s newest designer, Jin Fujiwara, seems to have taken that concept literally. During his first week on the job at our Malmö office, Jin accidently broke [...]

  5. An Expanding Pistonhead Menu

    Now, in addition to their availability in Sweden’s Systembolaget, you’ll be able to order two new members of the trailblazing Pistonhead brand in pubs and restaurants across the country. If your taste runs to lighter tasting brews, order [...]

  6. Now We’re Cookin’

    As one of Sweden’s most popular brands of soups and sauces, Kelda is a name that’s on the lips of grocery shoppers across the country. Now, Neumeister is proud to add this division of Arla to our list [...]

  7. Up. Down. All Around.

    The Sacred Amber from Brutal Brewing is high in flavor, low in alcohol content, and will soon be found on grocery stores shelves around Sweden. Neumeister designed labels and packaging for this limited edition, amber-tinted lager. It’s the [...]

  8. A Taste For Busy People

    Today, more and more people are on the lookout for ways to juggle a full schedule and watch what they eat at the same time. Neumeister is helping bring attention to the benefits that Friggs mini rice cakes [...]

  9. Cloetta Godisfavoriter

    Multiply 170 products times 650 Coop convenience and grocery stores in Sweden, and what do you get? One, unequalled, brand identity program that Neumeister has created for Cloetta bulk candy. Under the concept name, “Godisfavoriter”, which the agency [...]

  10. A Star of Stage, Screen and Scheduling

    Now appearing daily in the role of Neumeister’s newest production manager, Bethina Byström has produced and arranged folk festivals, concerts and outdoor cinemas, as well as campaigns for advertising agencies. With experience from her hometown of Malmö, plus [...]