1. Eclipsing One Seasonal Brew With Another

    As Brutal Brewing’s Limited Edition beers continue to rotate on draught at selected bars and restaurants in Sweden, The Sunny Saison will soon take its place on menus. With its roots in Belgium, “saison” (French for season) beer [...]

  2. A Lecture in Hire Education

    As graphic design students at Malmö University recently heard from Peter Neumeister and designer Victor Nilsson, it takes more than talent to have a successful career. Especially during the first year’s as a professional. As Peter and Victor [...]

  3. Designed to Break Through

    As a relative newcomer to the market, even though Power Break easily passes the taste test once consumers bite into a bar, competing for sales against long-established brands such as Mars and Plopp has been challenging. So when [...]

  4. On OFFF in Barcelona

    For the past 15 years, the OFFF culture festival has attracted designers of all kinds, developers, students, theorists – anyone and everyone who is curious about how creativity can feed the future. This year, at the end of [...]

  5. One Goodie Thing Leads To Another

    Pick-and-mix candy competition is fierce in Sweden. New candy is frequently introduced, so it’s essential for leading brands such as Malaco from Cloetta to continue implementing new marketing and sales strategies. To help accomplish this, Neumeister has created [...]

  6. A Taste For Design

    Before joining Neumeister in Stockholm, our newest designer, Alexandra Hylén, had her plate full at Identity Works over the past six years for clients such as Arla, Cloetta, and OLW. Away from her desk, Alexandra’s interests include furniture [...]

  7. Study Time is Over: Hurrah!

    Cheers to Jeanette Zackrisson. After putting in full days at our office in Stockholm as a production manager, Jeanette recently devoted eight weeks to intensive study as well. But all of the hard work paid off as Jeanette [...]

  8. Lessons Learned

    In addition to their current design projects for our clients, Design Director Carl Larsson have been frequent lecturers and served as tutors at Bergh’s School of Communications in Stockholm. Under the mentorship of Neumeister, two students, Sofie and [...]

  9. Innovation in Collaboration

    Over the years, a close working relationship between Peter Neumeister and renowned strategist Robert Bau has lead to a series of innovative design solutions and groundbreaking customer experiences. The collaboration began with the co-founding of award-winning design agency [...]