1. Portfolio Day at Neumeister

    The more ambitious your goals are as a designer, the more challenging it can be to reach them. But with the right experience and talent, nothing is out of your sights. Or ours. We’re looking for the next [...]

  2. Neumeister Gets On The Bus…

    …as well as the train and transport hubs. Since its launch, the brand design Neumeister created for MalmöExpressen, Skåne’s public transportation system, has helped make travel logistics easier for commuters across southern Sweden. The iconic graphics not only [...]

  3. A Classic Design With A Retro Twist

    Creating a fresh look for AKO candy from Cloetta that kept its familiar background pattern in place, with a slightly modern update, was a challenge Neumeister grabbed with both hands. Packaging and individual wrappers for Choco, Grädd and [...]

  4. Bottoms Up From Down Under

    Inspired by Australia’s casual lifestyle, Neumeister’s colorful new packaging brings Hidden Rock’s re-design to the attention of Swedish consumers who have a taste for laidback fun. Depicting the Murray River in a modern illustration that flows through the [...]

  5. GoGreen

    Lantmännen definitely knows beans about what’s healthy for Swedish consumers. On packaging designed by Neumeister for the GoGreen line of driedbeans, the company’s promise of quality control from “farm to fork” is highlighted in words and images to [...]

  6. Great minds drink alike

    On tap this August at Texas Longhorn restaurants throughout Sweden, thirsty patrons will be able to order a new amber beer that delivers a taste that’s as big as its namesake. Texas State of Mind is a collaboration [...]

  7. A Slam Dunk Project

    As a longtime fan and recreational basketball player, Peter jumped at the chance to put his love for the game in play as a guest lecturer and mentor at Malmö Universitet. Peter is coaching students who are developing [...]

  8. Positioning Malmö For The Future

    Appearing as a member of a panel debate at MBNet that included business and political leaders, Peter helped present how to build the city of Malmö as a brand in the future. Other panel members included Katrin Stjernfeldt, [...]

  9. Going further to discover a cancer cure

    The journey towards a cure to cancer can follow many paths. And Peter Neumeister’s participation in this year’s “Ride of Hope” is a testament to this sentiment.   The vast majority of bicycle riders in the annual charity [...]