1. Polly Hops Into Easter

    Offering new varieties of one of Sweden’s tastiest, wackiest candy is becoming somewhat of a tradition for Cloetta. With Easter just ahead, limited edition, family-sized 300 gram packages of Polly are now available in convenience and grocery stores, [...]

  2. Clean, Fresh Design

    Fashionably conscious consumers spend a lot of money and time searching for clothes that fit their sense of style. But now, spotting products to help keep wardrobes looking good and smelling clean is quick and easy. Neumeister has [...]

  3. Revision, Evolution, Revolution, Explanation

    With successful growth comes recognition. As Neumeister continues to expand its portfolio of design assignments, so have requests to communicate reasons why our bureau’s profile has increased. For example, Peter Neumeister was recently featured in Nord Emballage, one [...]

  4. Time Flies. So Will The Imperial Black Lager.

    Welcome to a flight of limited edition beers from Brutal Brewing that will be rotating on tap in selected bars and restaurants across Sweden. The Imperial Black Lager is now available from Week 7. Just look for the [...]

  5. The Läkerol World Tour Continues

    Every year, more than 400,000 Swedes travel to Thailand, often during the coldest months of the year. To help keep vacation memories fresh all summer long, Läkerol is launching two new limited edition flavors of their classic pastilles. [...]

  6. Cloetta DentaFresh

    Consumers reaching for packages of Läkerol pastilles from Cloetta as they queue up in checkout lines is a familiar sight in the Nordics. Now, Neumeister is leveraging this strong name recognition as Cloetta enters a new product category. [...]

  7. A New Shot of Rum

    Seizing market share by introducing new products that overthrow the status quo is a trademark of Enjoy Wine & Spirits. And the original brand identities created by Neumeister are helping the Swedish importer and producer succeed. The Brand [...]

  8. Nuts About Saturdays.

    Picking and mixing bags of goodies to be enjoyed at home on Saturday night is a Swedish tradition. Now, Cloetta is adding a healthy dose of more than 45 nuts and dried fruits to choose from in about [...]

  9. An Exercise in Design Consistency

    Friggs is a company known throughout Sweden for the healthy benefits its products provide. But while each of the flavors of rice cakes, supplements and teas have strong consumer appeal, the overall brand lacked a cohesive look. To [...]

  10. Attitude is Everything

    Designing brand identity programs and graphics for packaging is a visual profession. But the inspiration to create something unique can come in many forms. Such as the lecture Kjell Dahlin delivered at Neumeister in Stockholm on February 13. [...]