1. Innovation in Collaboration

    Over the years, a close working relationship between Peter Neumeister and renowned strategist Robert Bau has lead to a series of innovative design solutions and groundbreaking customer experiences. The collaboration began with the co-founding of award-winning design agency [...]

  2. Enjoying Läkerol By The Mouthfuls

    With a respectful nod to the comedy classic “Little Shop of Horrors”, Neumeister was inspired to create playful package designs for new Läkerol pastilles using flesh eating plants that visualize the origin of natural ingredients such as Stevia. [...]

  3. A Royal Invitation

    Founded in 1754, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts is one of Europe’s leading higher institutions of learning for architecture and design. Recently, students at the college were able to gather insights on how to build something [...]

  4. For Goodness Sake

    10 years ago, Lantmännen, known for healthy food products, began a unique cooperation with one of the Sweden’s most distinguished restaurants. Since then, Stefano Catenacci, head chef at Operakällaren, has created meals that are sold by grocers under [...]

  5. A Naturally Sweet Line Extension

    Every year, Loka, the well-known Swedish bottled water brand, introduces new flavors to its “Loka Likes” line of products. For 2015, consumers can satisfy their thirst for something new, yet familiar, with a trio of naturally sweet drinks. [...]

  6. Modern Design Doesn’t Stop Here

    Today, the brand identity that Neumeister created for Skånetrafiken, southern Sweden’s public transportation system, is moving forward in a whole new way – with the first bus shelter of its kind being installed at Dockan in Malmö. Developed [...]

  7. Joining Team Keso

    Keso cottage cheese from Arla is a long-time Swedish favorite. In fact, since it was first introduced as a healthy, low-fat product line in 1958, about three out of four Swedes between the ages of 15 and 70 [...]

  8. Now In Orbit – The Galaxy Wheat Ale

    In order to introduce the world to an ever-evolving menu of refreshing quality beers, Brutal Brewing is producing a series of ales and lagers to rotate on tap in selected bars and restaurants over Sweden. For the latest [...]

  9. Neumeister is on the Move

    As of April 27, Neumeister’s office in Stockholm will be located in Odenplan. This legendary location in the center of Stockholm was immortalized in the 1976 thriller film, “The Man on the Roof”, when a helicopter crashed onto [...]

  10. Now It’s Time For Tea

    A few months back, Neumeister introduced a new graphic identity program for Friggs – a Swedish company best known for its healthy snacks and supplements. Since then, the clean, modern package designs have helped Friggs rice cakes and [...]