1. It’s Hero Time!

    Dirt, grime, stains – meet your match. With super clean, strong package designs, Neumeister is helping Fixa brand broomsticks, cleaning rags, sprays and other cleaning products overpower the competition on store shelves. Large, simple graphics and solid, vivid [...]

  2. A soothing sight for sore throats

    As a challenger brand in a market dominated by well-established names, Läkerol Hals sore throat lozenges were launched in 2013. Now, Läkerol has determined that clearly describing and illustrating benefits is needed to spur sales. The re-design for [...]

  3. Stew This Over

    Looking for something that’s easy and delicious to prepare at home any night of the week? Next time you’re at the grocery store, check out the new package designs that Neumeister has cooked up for GoGreen from Lantmännen. [...]

  4. Feeling Great About Friggs

    Since 1968, Friggs has been supplying grocers and health food stores throughout Sweden with rice cakes, supplements, teas and other wholesome products. Now, Neumeister is pleased to be associated with the brand named for the Norse goddess, Frigga, [...]

  5. More brand muscle – no sweat

    Svenskt Kosttillskott has been supplying Swedish athletes, fitness buffs and workout warriors with high quality protein supplements since 2005. By focusing on service before, during, and after the sale, as well as quick delivery, the company has become [...]

  6. Imagine That

    On October 28, student designers at Bergh’s School of Communications in Stockholm will be getting a lesson in conceptual thinking from Neumeister’s very own Calle Larsson. Calle will lecture to students in the Art Direction course, and put [...]

  7. Neumeister Takes the Stage at Empack

    With more than 250 participating companies, Empack is annually recognized as one of the premier packaging exhibitions in the Nordics. And on October 15, during Empack’s Nordic Design & Innovation Summit, Peter Neumeister will be one of the [...]

  8. Faster Than You Can Say Neumeister

    On December 1, we’ll be taking a break from work. At least, for the evening. That’s because Neumeister has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Sweden, and as such, we’ve been invited to celebrate [...]

  9. Homing in on design that adds value

    Nordiska Bostäder is a newly formed company whose mission is to develop and profitably manage rental properties in up-and-coming locations across Sweden. Neumeister has created a visual identity that helps position the property developer as a strong local [...]

  10. Staying Cool This Winter

    Loka is unquestionably one of the most popular bottled water brands in the Swedish market. But to stay on top, the company knows it must continuously adapt to changing consumer tastes in this highly competitive product category. For [...]