This is Circus!

“What young boy hasn’t dreamt of just packing his bags and running off to join a design agency? That was exactly what Peter Neumeister did once upon a time. Here was an adventurous and cosmopolitan world that whisked him far away from the sleepy, little, Swedish town of Staffanstorp. Magnificent and exciting, always filled with that extra special something. But when you’ve been in the business a while and learned the trade: sooner or later you want a show of your own…”

Here it is: the story of Neumeister after five years in performance. Read about what it takes to make design that really works. The skills you need. The sacrifices it takes. Marvel at the similarities between this magnificent trade and the world of the circus. Meet the strongman, the Flying Bodoni Brothers, the Princess of the Skies, the fearless lion tamer and all the others you need to make a truly great show.

Illustrations by Jonas Bergstrand. Art direction by Sonya Dyakova. Words by Tor Bergman.