Swedish Radiation Safety Authority


The Swedish Government decided in 2008 to merge two authorities, SSI and SKI, into one: SSM (the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority). Two different missions and most importantly, two different cultures. But also: two publicly well known visual profiles should now become one.


When one red corporate colour (SKI) and a blue one (SSI) should be blended into one, we had a natural suggestion: purple! But as important as a unique corporate colour is the way the name itself is presented: divided into three parts. As the natural symbol of protection, and to give an impression of authority, a shield was chosen. Radiation is visualized both on the shield and as graphic design patterns on various units.


A unique visual identity helps to create a new culture out of two old ones. Powerful, yet modern and open minded, the identity really stands out in a world of rather conservative government bodies, thus creating a true feeling of affinity, vision and openness. A culture that the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority is very proud of.