Spendrups is in the process of repositioning one of its brands, Mariestads. Mariestads Prima Lager is a super-premium lager with a distinctly bitter taste based on 160 years of brewing traditions. Spendrups asked Neumeister to design the packaging so that it would not only reflect the company’s long tradition of craftsmanship but also appeal to discerning beer drinkers. Alongside, Spendrups also decided to produce a medium-strong beer. A beer that would establish Mariestads’ premium position in the country. Both in taste and naturally in design.


The packaging design for the Primal Lager bottle is a seamless fusion of traditional values and contemporary design elements. The retail packaging (4-pack and carton) is used to tell the story of the old brewery and the origins of the beer. As for Continental, its name opens up the door to a fabulous era where anything was possible. On the continent at the end of the 19th century new discoveries and inventions made it possible for people to enjoy a lager like this – with guaranteed quality, all the time. A design concept that celebrates the age of invention in engineering, physics and… the arts.


Mariestads Prima Lager has been given an ovation by the beer connoisseurs within Swedish news media. Very soon we will know the opinion of the connoisseurs amongst beer consumers. Mariestads Continental was just released.